Adding a Mach 460 to a 94/95 non Mach setup


Aug 7, 2018
I have a 1995 GTS that I'd like to upgrade the sound. Currently its the plane ole cassette with stock 5x7 speakers. I recently came into possession of a near complete Mach 460 rear deck (two speakers / two tweaters / two amps / factory wiring) for $25. For $10 more I got two Mach 460 door speakers in another deal, and already installed them. Then for free, I have two more AMPs, which I believe were from a rear deck setup and still has most of the factory wiring attached. Not sure if those can be used for the front or if they'll just have to remain as spares.

So for $35 I have nearly a full setup (minus door tweeters) that I'm thinking about putting in. Does anyone have a full wiring schematic on how to do this? Would there be compatibility issues with the stock head unit? I'm assuming the amps were 2ch meaning I'd need two more up front for the doors and eventual tweeters.
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