Adding to stock Mach 460.

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    What exactly do I need to add some bass to my Mach460 setup? I want to keep the 460 system though.

    My friend recommends me getting two 12'' Infinity Perfects.

    What else do I need? I didn't think I need an amp because of the Mach460, but my friend said I will most likely need to get an amp?

    Man I'm so confused. :shrug:
  2. mach 460

    You said " some bass" 2 12's is a ****load of bass in our cars i know some will disagree but honestly it is a ton, couple of things you will run into if you want to go 12's you will have to have a custom box built, there is nto a premade 12 inch box that will clear under the mach amp rack in the back i would reccomend 2 10's or 1 12 to add some bass, a good sub with enough power will sound great, you can hook it up to the mach stereo, you just need the line drop, you tag the passenger side amp for your signal, rather straight forward. Good luck Dan
  3. I'd recommend one 12" also. If you're running the stock system, then 2 twelves might overpower the rest of the system. If you're just looking to fill in the low end, then 1 12" will be just fine.
  4. One 12" sub with box and amp will be fine.
  5. Thanks guys.