Adjustable Shocks

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  1. Its time to replace the shocks.

    I love soft ride, so am considering adjustable shocks.

    Before I order I like to hear opinions and recommendations.


    Should I have different adjustment front VS rear?
  2. for adjustable shocks i like konis, like shelby installed on the original GT350s. set them at full soft for a good ride, and as they age change the setting by one click at a time until you ultimately run out of adjustment. then send them out to be rebuilt and start over again.
  3. Thanks. I read somewhere that the adjustable shocks have up to 10 postions.

    Is a non-adjustable shock pre-set at 1 or around 5?
  4. for the konis it was to allow for up to 100,000 miles of operation. you would adjust the shocks each 10,000 miles to the next stiffer setting.

    as for non adjustable shocks, that depends on the valving.