Adjusting the Idle?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by viperos, Jan 12, 2004.

  1. ok, I've read quite a few posts that kinda relate to this, but nothing really answered my question... is it possible to adjust the idle on a 95GT and have it actually stay how it's set?

    -what I mean is will the computer try to keep the idle at 650, or would it just accept a 900 RPM idle...

    -also, while messing w/ the scew on the TB (stock TB btw), I now have hanging RPMs inbetween shifts... :nonono:

    -help me out here guys! :bang:
  2. I Have Tried To Change Mine From About 600 To 900 And No Matter How Much I Moved That Screw, Nothing Happened. I Thought That Maybe Something Wasn't Working Right, But Maybe Not. I Dunno. I Gave Up. I Would Like My Idle A Little Higher Though.

    Also, I Got Those Hanging Idles Also, But That Is When I Messed With The Throttle Cable. There Is Another Screw For That That Adjusts The Amount That The Throttle Body Plate Is Open. I Originally Thought That That Was How To Adjust The Idle, But Supposively That Is Not The Case. I Still Haven't Found Out What That Screw Is For (when You Would Move It).
  3. you can use that screw as a way to adjust your tps voltage, and it does open the butterfly on the TB, IAC screw is the proper way to adjust the idle. You need to disconnect the IAC sensor(motor) and then adjust the hex head screw under the rubber plug. then reconnect the iac and your idle should be about right, and you will have the stock type of Slowly falling off in rpm after letting off of the gas

  4. where exactly is the IAC? got a picture for better reference?
  5. It is the black cylinder shaped unit infront of the TPS.
  6. give me a minute i will post some pics

  7. well my car is at my moms so i can't take a picture of the sensor on the TB, but this is my old TB and will help. The shiniest part in this picture is where the IAC mounts, there is a screw in the throttle body, on the part that this bolts to, that is the screw to adjust.