adjusting TPS..

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  1. What wires do I tap into with the volt meter to get my reading? thanks
  2. WHY do you want to do that RICER mod??????


    Quick Summary:
    You never have to adjust a Ford TPS unit on a Ford TB (that has the idle set to spec)- NEVER!! For people that adjust their idle higher than spec to keep their engine running with their setup, or people that use a NON-Ford TPS, then they may have to adapt the TPS unit (by making slots) so that it reads from ~0.6v to ~1.1v at idle.

  3. you learn something new everyday
  4. So which wires do I test it with. It is an aftermarket t/b and i need to make sure its at .98
  5. While wanting to set it to exactly .98v is pointless, how is checking the effectiveness of your TPS a ricer mod?

    To the OP: You need to pierce the green wire on the TPS (I used a sewing needle), the positive of the VM will go to this. And the negative obviously goes to a ground (I used the screws right on the TPS). If it's between .80 - 1.00, I wouldn't bother fiddling with it.
  6. I wouldn't use the screw as a ground, I ground the voltmeter to the black? wire of the tps since that is the actual ground for the tps anyway. On mine there is a difference if you ground it through the wire or on the screw, the screw had a higher voltage reading i believe last time I checked.

    And yea I know it's an older thread but I'm sure someone else can throw in their
    .02 cents about it also.
  7. wires to use

    Black and the green
  8. black is ground and green for positive on your voltmeter.

    its no ricer mod, with my cam and blower and stuff it will have some idle problems i have to adjust it. everytime i move the TB screw i set the tps to .98-.99
  9. You will see more change to your idle by resetting the base idle, than by getting your TPS voltage between .98v and .99v.

    The ecu accepts anything between .6v and 1.2v, IIRC.

    Anything inside this range will work exactly the same as far as the TPS goes.

    The ecu only looks at the TPS delta, and TPS delta rate.

    If adjusting idle moves the TPS reading outside of .6v to 1.2v, then it needs to be adjusted.
    Otherwise, your wasting time... Nothing wrong with that if you have time to waste... :p

  10. hehe i guess it makes me feel like i am doing something to help.
  11. there is an adapter plate that makes it easy to set the TPS....However I can't find out who makes it. I see them all the time on Trottle bodies for sale on ebay. For example check out this ebay auction Item number: 260181601444
    If anyone has any info on this little part, please let me know!

    Thanks, Dan
  12. There is no such plate to buy seperatley. Most Throttle bodies come with it installed on them such as my PP TB. Your not gonna find one for a Tb that doesnt have one. How would you even install it
  13. I know some one else makes them, because my friend once bought one (we're no longer friends or I'd ask him). I thought he bought it from Foxlake Performance, but I was wrong. Now I can't find it again. And this guy on ebay is certain he has an Accufab TB with one of these plates on it. But he doesn't know who makes it either.
  14. Dan,
    You're kinda missing the point...

    There is no need to adjust your TPS.
    The ecu only cares that the TPS doesn't trigger a code.
    The rest is done in the programming of the ecu.

    Any TPS setting between .6v to 1.2v is acceptable.
    There is NO power to be gained by setting to .998v, as the magazines told us for so many years.

    Your wasting time, and potentially money, on this...

  15. After closer examination from pictures, I found he iss wrong about the ebay throttle body, it is a PP TB, not an Accufab.

    You are right, there is no performance gain, many of us tuners and builders have known that for many many years. However, the only reason i want to be able to adjust my TB is that I have found in many afteramrket TB's my TPS voltage has been out of range on one end or the other. Especially when running big combos and having to adjust the idle set screw, which changes what the ecu sees @ idle. This in turn makes the stock ecu idle search. And, I always figure that more adjust ability is better than no adjust ability.