Adusted the Clutch cable..........Again........few questions

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by from6to8, Mar 30, 2013.

  1. after reading up on the proper way to adjust the clutch cable with FW adjuster, I still have a few questions. Ok I started with 1 inch on the FW adjuster backed out, placed cable on 2nd notch of quadrant which is one nearest the seat, then adjusted the nut at the fork within 10 rings on the bolt of being at halfway on the bolt. 10 rings or 10 thread counts. All of the slack is out on both ends but it doesn't feel like its SUPER SUPER Tight to the point of being TOO Tight. With that setting the car moves when pedal is about even with break pedal and it feels as if its moving at a good pace. I didn't even adjust the FW adjuster anymore than the 1 inch I started with so just wondering because..............

    Ok when I first put on new cable, I had the nut at fork halfway, so more than where it is right now. Also, the FW adjuster was all the way in pretty much as in turned all the way or damn near all the way clockwise. I had a slip some with that setting. Actually took the FW adjuster off today to get it unstuck so I could adjust it out. If I adjust the nut further on the bolt then I'm guessing the FW adjuster is going to need to slacken up some and turn some clockwise????????? I have heard some say they had their nut on the bolt halfway of it and that it's best to have most of the adjustment at the fork itself so does it matter as long as you have the clutch engaging properly where it should be?