advantage of using bigger injectors?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by superspec, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. is there any reason to go to bigger injectors with very basic boltons? my car currently only has header back exhaust, sn95 MAF and bbk TB. hopefully next year ill step up to H/C/I.
  2. you don't need anything bigger than running h/c/i with the stock injectors and I'm not running lean or anything. put the money towards heads or something instead or some headers.
  3. With basic bolt ons, you really don't need to. I forget what amount of horsepower the stock 19ers will support (350???). If you have plans on making more power in the near future (after H/C/I), you'll need to. You might be able to max out the stockers on an aggressive H/C/I combo, so depending on how aggressive you want to get would depend on if you switch injectors. You don't necessarily want the injectors running at 100% duty cycle.

    So, with a relatively mild H/C/I, as Black1987 said, stockers will support the power. If you were going to stay NA but be more aggressive, you might consider upgrading to 24's. If a blower/turbo/nitrous were coming, you might want to go higher...but you'd have to address that if/when you get there.