Engine Advice On 2003 V6 Automatic

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  1. I am going to look at a 2003 V6 automatic mustang (80,000 miles) asking price is $3,000.00 OBO (I'm hoping that I can get it for $1,000.00 - $1,500)

    The car has been sitting for about 3 years. Now I know that I'm going to have to replace brake lines, fuel lines, flush the radiator, and the fuel lines, and replace the brakes, calipers, new oil and transmission fluid... pretty much around $2,000.00 in flushing and replacing and that's if the motor isn't seized. My questions are below..

    1.) I have to start and drive this car when going to see it, because I don't want to rebuild a motor or transmission.. SO, can I just siphon the gas tank and put new fuel in (knowing it will run like doo-doo) of course after checking the fluid levels of everything. Will this be ok? or will I wreck it more? and any info/ tips in this area would be helpful

    2.) Will I just be better off buying used from a dealership? or if all the work I'm thinking I'll have to do/ have done will add up to about $3,000.00 - $4,000.00 including purchase price would be worth it considering low miles and very clean body? that is if the motor and transmission are fine.

    Thanks for looking, and I apologize if I put this in the wrong area I'm not sure what sn95 is.... by the way I am Amber, and hello :)
  2. Hello Amber. If i were you, i would be looking at a running and driving car. Theres plenty around for not much more money than that project car. Now, if you were able to do the work yourself and could pick it up for real cheap, that's a bit of a different story, but I'd still be concerned about it since its been sitting that long
  3. Post up a link to the car and we'll take a look
  4. Unless you like doing your own work....spend a little more money and buy a running/driving car.
  5. They have the hood and headlights, the guy was going to put a body kit on and decided he really had no clue what he was doing (hence the pry marks on the right side wheel well/bumper). I actually am very interested in the "project" part of it I just didn't know if I could getting it running the same or better as an "already running" mustang of this year and model.... and link is below I hope it works...
  6. No way, i'd walk away from that headache
  7. $1000 car tops...for parts

    I'd go get as running/driving car instead
  8. Well, I feel like I should still go look at it and then depending on its condition decide... but I was looking at some mustangs from local dealerships and they mostly have convertibles. I don't really like the way those look, and the other half are manuals.. which I don't know how to drive lol! So pretty much I have a small field to choose from.. because then it comes down to mileage/price/color.
  9. Hey guys, I don't know if you're still looking in on this for any updates.. But I went to see the car, my curiousity got the best of me lol. Anyway, we put a fully charged battery in, which worked because the the inside dome lights came on, went to start it and it just clicked, I'm not sure what clicked maybe the starter? I could hear the fuel pump kicking on, anyway when it clicked the lights inside the car shut off and the theft light flashed on the dash, also it was sparking on the positive and negative battery connections. Also I thought the alternator BUT we checked the battery charge and it barely drained anything.
  10. Hard to diagnose from here. Could be anything froma bad starter, to a seized motor to an issue with the PATS security system. Would need to go through and check a lot of things to diagnose the issue.
  11. Thanks for all of the advice but they didn't accept my final offer of $1,500.00. They're in a delusional state that "$3,000 is a steal and everyone one they've talked to thinks so too!" Well if it was a steal wouldn't it be gone already? It's ok though I'll find something better. Lol i was looking at a 2006 black v6 automatic at a dealership w/90,000 miles. I kinda like that body style better anyway.
  12. $3K is not a steal.

    In my opinion, $1.5K was a generous offer for a non-running, 10-year old car with body damage.
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