Advice on mods?

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  1. Recently got a 03 V6 stang...automatic however (didn't have a choice). Anyway, I was just wondering what my best options for hp-increasing mods would be. Money is definitely an option... right now im thinking about a type R sticker and altezza taillights for an extra 50 hp each. Seems to work well on civics. Seriously though, the obvious first mod would be intake, but is there anything else good that isn't all that much money? Thanks for the help.. - chris :shrug:
  2. the first thing you should really do is decide about an exhaust system, sound they all sound about the same, the only decideing you need to do is really the fact of do you want to run them umder your stock rear bumper, get a different bumper, or run side exhaust or what not. If you want stock rear bumper or what not just shop around and see what a shop will charge you to custom fab an exhasut set up for you. you will want to cut off the exhaust after the Y pipe adn run a new pipe from each side out to a muffler and then out to tips. you can put a H pipe and run it across so both sides are connected but this is not needed on the v6. and the tips should be stainless steel only and polished, chrome is a waste, get at least 20 inches long tips to hide where they will be welded on to the exhasut pipe, and angle them up a tad to make them look right, if straight out they will look pointed down due to the curvature of the rear bumper.

    Next get CAI from who ever you wish.

    Next get a Underdrive pulley from asp 25% for 03 you will need the new style dampner, can get you that.

    then step it up with 4.10 rear end gears and a tlok in a 8.8 rear end 7.5 if its not going to see track time, but preferably in any situation you will want an 8.8 and you will need a chip burned to correct speedometer readings so heck may as well get to mess with shift points and idle decay and all that good stuff maybe even get you a couple more hp adn tq and help with soem drivability of the car and future mods that you will be interested in.
  3. Only advice I have is to prove them wrong every chance you get. We have 2 of them around here. 77's around more though. He and I get along, but he knows his place. :)
  4. SpectorV - how much will the exhaust setup cost? is there any significant increase in hp?
  5. well I would expect to pay 300-350 for mufflers, custom bent STAINLESS 2.25 inch pipe and standard tips, I would pay extrea for STAINLESS steel polished. You cna also get them to weld you a little balancer pipe for equal pressure between the two pipes. but its not needed on the v6 mustang.

    you can order your exhasut tips from for around 90 bucks, mine are really nice thats where i got mine at.

    and angle them up a bit at the rear so they look more level aginst the rear bumpers lines.