Advice On New Purchase - Should I Be Worried?

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  1. I have been looking for a new fox body with low mileage, and finally came across one that seems pretty descent and not all beat up (from what I can tell in the pictures). It is mostly original, but there are a couple things that were replaced - I just wanted to see if this is something that you would be worried about for a vehicle with mileage in the low 30s (original motor).


    Serpentine belt
    Heater radiator
    New cam plates
    Brakes and rotors

    The only thing that I don't understand is why new cam plates would be installed?

    If this is all that has been done to the car, I am wondering what else I am going to have to replace on it due to age. I know that my 89 had to have a few things changed out when I bought it with 7k miles on it.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Also does anyone have any experience with convertible tops - pre 91 compared to post 91? I had an 89 and the top leaked, although that was probably from the seals. It didn't seam to go down all the way when I put it down. I read that in 1991, Ford started using a different type of top.
  2. I'm guessing you mean heater core and camber/caster plates?

    As coolant ages it becomes acidic, so while the mileage on the car is low the coolant may have still eaten the heater core (or radiator) from the inside.

    CC plates are usually used in conjunction with lowering springs.

    The rest of your list is just general maintenance.
  3. I listed it exactly as he has it listed. It looks like general maintenance, I just got a little nervous when he mentioned anything related to cam..

  4. I might have to get some clarification.
  5. Post the pictures if it has the hood open, we will be able to see if it has CC plates.
  6. No hood pics.. Supposed to go see it next weekend.
  7. I tried to PM you - I "started a conversation" with you assuming that is the same thing..
  8. post up a link to the ad
  9. He mentioned new struts and cam plates, so I assume he is referring to caster/camber plates- although nice are not needed in a stock application.

    Very nice car by the way. I would run the VIN through autocheck prior to purchase and do a thorough inspection.
  10. I thought it was pretty nice too.
  11. Looks nice. I'd also run a vin check to verify mileage and title history
  12. Here is what he said about the cam plates:

    He was getting a wheel alignment done and the camber had to be moved for forward and backward adjustment.

    Does that make sense? I just got some more pictures of the car. It is pretty nice. The only real flaws I see are the front seats are cracked (white leather), the pocket straps on the bottom of the doors are sagging, and the speakers are separating from the doors (glue these?).

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  13. The engine bay looks pretty clean though from what I can tell.
  14. I am wondering if maybe I can find some nice cloth seats to put in rather than leather. Leather is going to cost way too much I think. Also, has anyone ever removed the side door bags? I wonder if there is a way to do it without it looking awkward??
  15. engine bay looks like stock. that I would say is good since it was treat well from the picture. seat covers are readily available door panel map pockets sag you could pull the panels and take them off by clips on back of panel just recover with carpet. If you know a good mechanic have them check it out, also what madspeed said check out VIN via a service...
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  16. I wouldn't worry too much about the CC plates, i see them as a bonus. You can see a glimpse of them in the picture.
    Latemodelrestoration has map pocket replacements and deletes.
    They also have the parts to pin the speakers back on.

    Most everyones leather is worn and cracking.
    But, i've never seen white cloth, something to think about.
  17. Yeah white cloth wouldn't work.