Advice On Selling Supercharged/stroked 1995 Cobra

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  1. Hi all-

    I've come to a conclusion that I am going to need to sell my 1995 cobra. I simply do not have the time to dedicate to keep this car going, and would like advice on selling it. I am the original owner, and the car has 73xxx original miles.
    Therefore, what would be the best methodology for getting a "fair" ( by fair I mean Kelley Blue Book value ) for this vehicle?
    Modifications without too many details:

    331 Dart Sportsman block 8.8:1 compression, Forged -13 dished pistons, 4340 forged rods and crank
    AFR 185 heads with upgraded valve springs
    custom supercharger cam
    Edelbrock RPM II upper/lower
    D1 Procharger with 3 core intercooler and big red bypass valve ( less than 1000 miles on new head unit )
    Glenns 1000hp fuel system with 80lb injectors
    TKO II 5 speed transmission with McLoad bellhousing and scattershield
    Spec stage III clutch
    Auburn Track-Lock differential with 31 spline moser axles
    Full exhaust with MAC 1 3/4" shorty headers, MAC prochamber, and Magnaflow catback
    18x11 rear and 18x9 polished saleen wheels. Wheels/tires have less than 500 miles on them.
    Billstein struts/shocks with H&R race springs, and Maximum motorsports caster/camber plates
    3 row aluminum mishimoto radiator

    Struts/shocks, springs, wheels/tires, and supercharger have 1000 or less miles. Motor has less than 2,000 miles total, and was built and assembled my Maryland Performance Center.

    Car made 627rwhp and 565ft/lbs @5800 rpm, but could use a dyno re-tune as there are some hot start issues and an ignition break up. Also, the vehicle needs the trunk latch/lock repaired and reinstalled, but other than this the body of the car is sound with normal paint dings, but no rust or peeling. The vehicle has been garage kept for the last 17 years which is why the original paint job looks great.

    With the above mentioned, what would be the best way to sell this vehicle within the next 3 months? After doing some research I believe in the neighborhood of $12,000 would be a fair asking price, but am open to suggestions.

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  2. I think you have more than a fair price. I think the biggest thing is patience. Hang on for the right buyer to come along.

  3. I agree. 12k would be a good price.
  4. lol i really wish i had 12k
  5. Post a picture or two. Sounds like $12000. worth.
  6. Ahh, I'm guessing $1500. What is your paypal? I'll go ahead and send the $1500. ;)

    Seriously, sounds like a nice car and probably cost more than 2X that to build. Good luck with sale.

  7. Remember, if you really want $12k, ask for at least $15k.

  8. 95 cobra 4.JPG 95 cobra3.JPG 95 Cobra1.JPG 95 cobra2.JPG

    Selling as-is: $12,500 OBO
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  9. Pictures agree. I do recommend that you take care of " some hot start issues and an ignition break up." Those will drop the value immensely.
  10. Thank you, I appreciate the advice. Unfortunately, my vehicle is being sold as is and the price accounts for any tuning issues which it may have.
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