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  1. Hello everyone, I'm new here and am looking for a bit of advice on a supercharger.

    Really wanted more out of my 2005 mustang gt automatic so I did pretty much every bolt on I could to it and i'm still wanting more, now i'm looking around for superchargers and I found one thats really cheap compared to all the others, it's a paxton 1200SL tuner kit. Now I know that's not going to give me as much hp as say a whipple or kenne bell would but I really don't want to spend upwards of $5000 on one I'd just like a cheap boost to set my 05 apart from the others. What I'm really looking for is reliability. So can anybody give me some advice on this supercharger? Thanks guys:banana:
  2. Have you considered a turbo? Look at what these guys are offering. It's a complete kit, not just a tuner kit, with plenty of room for expansion if you ever want to add more power. They are great guys with fantastic customer service and good prices. Give them a call and check out your options before you decide.

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  3. I certainly understand your position, but I just recently installed the KB Stage I - Awesomely Strong! You'll spend about $6K, but I'm extremely pleased with the unit. Installed flawlessly and really woke her up. I did a lot of research and truly believe that KB will not dissappoint you! Good Luck and have fun!
  4. I have a Paxton Novi 1200 on my 2005 GT. With a few additions and some tuning I've run a best of 11.5 @ 120 MPH. It's very reliable, easy to install, GREAT gains, and you can't beat the price. It also works great with existing bolt-on mods (headers, gears, etc) that may conflict with other types of forced induction (positive displacement blower or turbo setups).
  5. I am a Kenne Bell fan myself. Gotta love the twin screw for instant boost. In fact my plans for the 08 Bullitt is for installing a Kenne Bell in the spring/summer of next year.
  6. Depending on where u live you should reconsider the intercooled version. Im in the same boat as u and i would love to get the tuner kit and just pick a fuel system on the forums or something. But in Phoenix im afraid the S/C will heat soak way to easily. Another option would be getting the Novi 2200 which is a little more expensive but its a much more efficient s/c with room to expand in the future if you ever want to.
  7. I'll take it a step further than BlacknSilver. IMO, it really comes down to what your goal is for your ride. What is it's purpose? Drag strip, road course, weekend cruiser, DD?
  8. What kind of power does this kit put down conservatively?
  9. They have guys making 450, on the stock block, up to 700+ with built bottom ends. It all depends on what you want to do with it. Give Bobby, his number is on the web site, a call and he can answer all your questions.

  10. Thanks man! Ill def have to look into this more :SN:
  11. I had an 06GT and heard a lot of good things about on3 performance. A turbo puts less stress on the crank IIRC and has nearly unlimited power if you want to up the its alot less $$.. Like $1800, plus a coupla supporting mods. Thats what I would have done. Good luck either way.
  12. Be careful - A "tuner kit" by definition is missing alot of pieces and will be unusable without laying out alot more cash.
  13. I'm biased and therefore don't have much to offer... Nevermind. I love twin screws! A kick in the kidneys at any rpm!
  14. I went with the e-force (tvs) street kit. Complete kit comes with intercooler and is 50 state legal is that matters to you. Installed it with a friend in 9 hours. Drive ability is excellent with more apparent torque even when "out of boost" Rolling level at 1000 RPM is very doable and climbing 8% grades at 1300 RPM in 5th does not lug out the engine. At WOT more power would be completely unusable with out traction mods as first and second gear breaks my stock tires loose as it is. The 3.73s contributed to that some I am sure. Looking for better rubber and something to control the wheel hop next. ;-)
  15. I really depends on what you want it to do now AND be in the future. If you are good with moderate power gain and aren't looking for more in the future then the Paxton 1200 might be a valid option. But keep in mind that it is less efficient than the more expensive blowers/turbos. What that means in the real world, is it will heat the pressurized air more than the more efficient/expensive blowers. So if you decide you want more and change pulleys to get more boost, it will be even more heated air. That extra heat will need to be mitigated in some way. Intercooler or meth injection. Also consider the 1200 at 9lbs of boost will result in less hp than say a Kenne bell 2.6 at 9lbs, or even the Paxton 2200 at 9lbs.
  16. I also faced the same dilemma with my 05, when going beyond the gear mod. I'm looking instead for 2008 Shelby (typically $30k) and build from there or be content spending less cash to be in the 500 +HP club. ....but that's just me.
  17. over the past year I have had 3 superchargers on my 06, Roush m90, paxton 2200, whipple 2.3l.
    I currently have the whipple on it, but the paxton has been the best overall for me.
    the 1200 will work for mild boost, but later you will want to intercool it and maybe trade up, but do as much as you can afford now and enjoy.
  18. I have a kenne bell stage two kit on my 06 gt. I am really happy with it. Customer support was good, I installed it myself. It. Had been years since I tackled something like that. I had a smarter friend help with a few things, but he mostly just saved me time. The car has a new personality, snarls and wants to go! This is a tough choice and I feel for you, good luck