Fox Advice/opinions On Gears 3:27 Vs 3:73

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  1. Need some advice/opinions on gears. I have a stock 1998 GT rear end with 3:27 gears on my 1991 LX Vert. The car is a 5 speed with only the basic mods like, CAI, MAF upgrade, headers, Etc.
    I’m thinking about getting some 3:73 gears but I’m curious to know if it will be that much of a noticeable difference. The car is my DD and I basically drive it around town and back and forth to work. I had a 2000 GT with 3:73 gears that I enjoyed driving but I bought it with the 3:73’s already in it so I have nothing to compare it to. What do you guys think? I hate to spend the money and be disappointed in the performance difference. Thanks
  2. Personally I think it can be one of the best bang for your buck modifications. The question that first comes to mind is how much highway driving do you do and are you willing to sacrifice some mpg's?
  3. Very little highway driving. I drive it to/from work everyday which is about 20 miles total and that's all street driving.
    Occasionally, I drive on the interstate locally but it's generally only about 30 miles or so. Any long distance traveling is done in my wife's Honda CR-V. I'm not too overly concerned with the gas mileage mainly because I don't have to drive very far. Thanks
  4. 3.73's were the best bang for the buck I ever did on my vert!
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  5. Sounds like an easy decision if it were up to me. 3.73's FTW! ( I strongly suggest you stick with the Ford Motorsport gear set )
  6. That's what I've always heard/read. I just wasn't sure if it would be that much of a noticeable difference going from 3:27 to 3:73. :shrug:
  7. I will definitely be using Ford Motorsport gears. There are just some things you don't want to skimp on. :nice:
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  8. I went from 2:73 to 3:73 gears when my Mustang had an AOD trans. Loved them then and still love them with my Tremec 5 speed trans now. Besides the AOD to 5 speed swap I feel that it was one of the other best performance upgrades to my Mustang I have done.
  9. I say stick with the 3.27's.

    I have 3.73s in my 5-spd and strongly dislike them. I'd like each gear to last a bit longer and hate having to use 4th and 5th on intermediate highways.
  10. I wouldn't go any lower than a 3.73:1. I think that would be the perfect gear for you.

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  11. Your car will be an absolute ball to drive in every gear with the 3.73's. Trust me! And, you can't go wrong with Ford gears!
    I went with Motive gears because I got a great deal on them from a buddy.
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  12. There will be a noticeable difference and you shouldn't be disappointed especially since you do mostly city driving like I do and I love my 3.73s
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  13. Sounds to me like it's the way I should go then. LMR has a complete kit for I think around $250. It comes with everything you need. I'm probably going to have the gears installed by a shop rather than do it myself. I've heard that it can be tricky and you shouldn't attempt it if you don't know what you are doing. I've done all the mods on my car so far but I think this one might be out of my league. I'll probably call around and get some quotes. Thanks for all the input. Really helps