35th Anniv Advise and info needed on 35th

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by JimmyS5600, May 31, 2007.

  1. Hi All, Just went to look at a 35th Limited that is for sale. Has 57k,in decent shape but needs one hellof a cleaning and a set of tires. I beleive they will accept
    7,500 for it. What do you think?
    The vin is 1fafp42x1xf1577637 is this a real limited?
  2. pics would help us advise you :)
  3. Yeah I know pics would be a help but I don't have a camara

  4. This VIN# does not belong to a "Limited Edition". I have a complete list of VINs and this one is not among them. Your probably looking at a standard GT with 35th badges, but all 1999 Mustangs had those.

    If that was a real "Limited" GT, that would be one great price since most Limiteds should bring in at least $1000 more than a standard GT due to their rarity and better looks.
  5. I had the wrong vin posted shoud be
  6. Tried to get a report on car fax for you (I still have time on my account). The above VIN# isn't right either....Carfax said it was not valid.
  7. Jimmy,

    I sent you a PM on the revised VIN#
  8. Just wanted to say thanks to LimEd99 and Voorhees for taking the time to assist
    me. What a special forum.
    Made the owner a offer and hope to find out tonight if I will become a 99 GT Limited owner.
  9. So it is a limited? What color?
  10. Yes sir it is a Limited,same color as the one in Red9935thgt 's photo but doesn't look as good as that one.
  11. 2001 Yellow GT just looked at the ebay link you posted,that car is sweeeet!

    I spoke to the seller on the 99 and I just bought it!
    Should have it home by the middle of next week.
  12. Hey Congrats!

    When are you picking it up? :flag:

  13. If he is the original owner ask if he is willing to part with/sell the gift packge Ford sent to all "Limited" owners. Would be a bonus to get that too.
  14. VOORHESS, Thanks for that heads up,I never thought of that. I will ask the owner (he is the original owner} if he still has that available.
    Thanks Again
  15. I found one on E-bay for $145,000.........
  16. Don't make me come lookin' for you . . . :mad: