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  1. Well its been a long time since I,ve been an active member on here and into stangs. I have the same 95GT since bought new in 95. The car is pretty much stock with only 60000KM on the clock and it has been in storage for about 10years in my garage with the exception of the ocasional wash and wax. I know......shameful, LOL.

    Anyway I am finally looking at driving it again but it just looks so dated now, it still has original wheels and tires and suspension so I want to make this my first mod. I have been looking on here for the last few nights and I found a few cars with the stance and wheels I would be interested in, I have added these pics below, hope its ok to do that. Anyway my question is, what offset would I need to get this stance......with the tires out close to the fender edge.

    Also, i want to lower it, what would be the best springs to order, Eibach seems like a good choice but what kit, there are a few to choose from.

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  2. I have eibach sportlines on the '90 and ford racing progressive on the 95. The eibachs are too low and they beat me to death. I enjoy the ford racings alot
  3. Hands down best springs I have seen for these cars are the H&R Super Sports. Every car I have seen them on they dropped the car perfectly and gave it just the right look.
  4. +1

    I have the H&R Super Sports on my car. The stance it perfect, especially with 18" wheels. Combined with aftermarket shocks and struts, the ride is great.
  5. Hey guys I'm here to ask a Q. My wiring harnes that gous to trans. on my 95 cobra has been chewed in halfby a rat. i have the end that goes in the trany. where does the other end plug in at? pics or diagram if you got them. I can't find it anywhere.
  6. rats chewed my seatbelts once
  7. By the way, I wouldn't mind seeing some pics of this 60k KM been-in-storage-for-ten-years 1995 GT. ;) Must still look fairly mint for its age. :)
  8. Here are the only ones I have on my stick at work, taken last summer I think. IMG_3122.JPG IMG_3118.JPG
  9. Actually my wife corrected me, it wasn't 10 years, i had it out for 1 day in 2007 to get some pics of my now 10 year old girl at here kindergarden graduation. The idea is for her to drive it to her highschool grad in 2020.
  10. Is there a particular name on the kit you are refering to. Also, what offset will I need on the wheels to achieve that stance i see on the first pics i posted, I think I will be getting the FR500's in black chrome. Will there need to be any inner fender triming done, it looks like it was on the white car. I prefer not to get into that.

    sorry for all the questions, its just that i have been away from this stuff for so long it feels like I know nothing anymore. Back when i bought the car all i done was read about mustangs, still have all my magezines from back then, LOL.
  11. Disregard my question on what kit.....I see now the kit is the super sports kit.
  12. Do you have any pics, would love to see how these springs would make my car look. It is a good time for me to buy them since Essex dristributors here in Canada have a free shipping package on now for easter long weekend.
  13. Here's some pics of my '95 Cobra with H&R Super Sports and 18" wheels. I run Tokico blue shocks (good entry-level aftermarket shock/strut that isn't too expensive).



    The majority of wheels for Mustangs out there (including FR500s) are already more or less designed for these cars. You won't have to worry about specifying offset unless you're looking into wheels which aren't specifically designed for these cars. Most of the larger Mustang parts websites list wheel offsets in case you're curious, though.

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  14. WOW, that car is sharp......thats the stance I am looking for, chrome looks sweet on black. I was thinking of going with the FR500's in black chrome but I cant find any to fit 1994/95 stang. Did you have to trim anything off you inner fender to fit these wheels with it lowered. Also, the H&R website states that the super sport kit only drops the rear 1.5", this dont seem like much looking at my car now but yours looks really good. Did it look ok when you first installed the springs or did it settle over some time.

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  15. Here's a sample of a place that sells FR500s for our cars:

    The rear fender lips were rolled on my car when it was at the body shop. However, the wheels I have weren't specifically designed for Mustangs. I run a 1" spacer with these wheels out back which makes them sit perfectly flush with the outer fender lip. FR500s from any of the major sites won't sit perfectly flush. You wouldn't really want them to anyway since that would make rolling the fenders an absolute necessity.

    As far as the drop from H&Rs, 1.5" is an accurate number. That's one reason why I mentioned that they look great if you're running 18" wheels (which you're planning to do). The Eibach sportlines that 90lx mentioned would give you about the same stance with 17" wheels, but they' have a much more severe drop (nearly two inches out back, a little over two out front). I ran these on my '02 GT with 17" 1995 Cobra R replicas; it was definitely too low. I didn't notice that my H&Rs settled much after I installed them.
  16. Thanks, just ordered the H&R supersports. Now I have to decide on wheels and exhaust. What are some good choices in the exhaust catagory, I always likeed the sound of flowmaster and MAC.
  17. H&R Race springs here. Great springs and good feel on the road.
  18. Any opinion I could offer on exhaust systems would really be nothing more than my opinion. Which exhaust systems sound best is an entirely subjective matter which really just boils down to personal preference. I would recommend that you check out youtube for exhaust clips as there is no shortage of them with excellent sound quality these days. That would be the best way to get an idea of what kind of sound you would like to go for. I've always preferred Flowmaster myself, so any opinion I would offer would be biased anyway. ;)
  19. If its a vert I'll sell you a set of h&r's for $150!+ shipping... : )