Advised by a fellow SVT Stanger to AVOID 4.10 gears! Soo confused now, help.

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Craig Mack, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. There's a shop here that charges $150 for install and another $150 for gears if you dont bring them. In the end its $300 for the whole thing.
  2. In Florida? Does that include the speedo fix, new oil, and a warrenty?
  3. Thanks for the reply guy. :nice:

    On other cars, like my previous Maxima, I put in a pacesetter short throw. It was really stiff and notchy feeling. But I have been told by many that the 5.0/tri-ax for the stang is a true STS, so it actually improves shift feel, AND protects the transmission by making the shifts precise. That's some damn good news. I think when I get my gears, i'll have him throw in a tri-ax as well. I just hope the short throw of the shifter is going to be too much of a turn off.

  4. I would say 3.73s for a good ammount of highway driving. At 75 mph you will be at 2453 rpms where with 4.10s at 75 mph you will be at 2696 rpms. Not that bad but with 4.10's and numerically higher, you will be much closer to your powerband.
  5. Are high RPM's on long highway drives a concern because of engine wear or because of gas mileage?
  6. Don't fear the gear!

    Had 4.10's in my '01 Cobra, wish I'd installed 4.30's...
  7. This is what i've always wondered too. I've always had a paranoid thought that since my engine will be spinning at a higher RPM while cruising, it will wear it out faster over time. But I don't think the difference in highway RPM between the 4.10's and the 3.27's is enough to wear out the engine faster. :shrug:
  8. i have 4.30 gears for sale to you cobra owners wishing you had 4.30s motor sport brand 3000miles on them.. prvate message me for price lot cheaper than new.
  9. I love my 373 gear enough ballz on the street and i'm still up on the high way.
  10. With proper care and regular maintenance, an engine with gears has just a good a shot as lasting as one with stock gearing. Provided you are not always doing this to your gas pedal. :chair: Dont forget too that our engines like to rev high and seeing 3000 rpms on the highway while going close to 80, if not 80, with gears is no sweat. Take it lite.

  11. You will love the short-throw with gears!