Aem Computer Tuning Questions

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  1. Hello
    I am looking at buying a 95 GT 5.0 with turbo system that has the AEM stand alone computer. I asked my local tuner about them and he said he nor any other tuner nearby don't mess with those. Are they a decent system for a street car? If not what are their faults/problems?

  2. I personally have not heard anything about an AEM standalone computer. Sorry. I have heard about an AEM boost controller that is supposed to be one of the best. :shrug:
  3. Someone has one for sale here locally. I was wondering the same thing.
  4. I've been running the AEM-EMS for a number of years. It may be one of the most comprehensive of all the stand alones out there. However, like a lot of things they are no longer available for our cars. I believe the universal one can be adapted though. Go to the AEM forum site and you will find a list of tuners that are knowledgeable. If there is a specific issue that you need some help with post your question here . As you might guess there isn't a lot of activity due to the small numbers of self-tuners with 94-95's but questions usually get replied to.
  5. Is it reasonable to assume that the car has been competently tuned? I've done most of the basic stuff on mine by myself and with some online help. Tuners may not want to play with them just because they aren't familiar with them. Bob Kurgan used to tune them so you might want to see if he still does. Once tuned they are as reliable as any other EMS as far as I'm aware. I use the AEM-EMS to manage the auto transmission as well to the surprise of many. I managed to blow out the shift and TC solenoid circuits on the AEM board this spring. Called AEM got a RMA and sent it off. For $75 plus postage the board was repaired and updated. I've had it for about 9 years and it was used when I bought it (Serial # 0066).