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  1. oh man that is a wicked set up! I love the screen shots. Get that vid. Tuning on the fl sounds like a crap load of fun!
  2. Have you had any more time to fool around with it lately?
  3. Hey Paul, where you been? How's it going?
  4. I was on vacation two weeks ago in Aruba, I came home for 4 days and then drove up to New Hampshire for the FFW event at Epping. I didn't get home until about 12:30 last night! I haven't touched the car and/or the AEM for about 2-3 weeks now. I am having a break up issue at higher RPMs that I'm working on trying to fix now. I messed with the coil dwell time and it helped some, but as soon as I try adding in more timing it acts like it hits a rev limiter at around 4800. Here, check these videos out. Make sure to have your volume up as I also recorded the car's sounds. The first pull is with 29* of total timing and for the most part it pulled cleanly to 6000+rpm. The second video is the same as the first but with the only change being a bump in total timing from 29* in the WOT cells to 34* in the WOT cells. As you can see and hear it hits a wall around 4500 and won't pull past it. I have replaced my plug wires with new FMS units, added additional wire seperators to ensure I'm not having a crossfire issue, new ford rotor and cap, and regapped my plugs down to .035" and it still isn't fixed. the rest of my ignition is 100% stock, so I may try a new coil first and see what happens before I jump into an MSD 6AL.



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  5. After reading all this I want a AEM now!!! Too bad I have to many other things to buy right now to worry about one of those. After watching the video I think the coil will fix the problem but you know how it is trying to guess about someone elses problems without actually being there. Cool video of the computer screen man the AEM looks very nice.
  6. What do you have the dwell set to? I wouldn't buy MSD. Get a crane, if you want a good coil and ignition box. I've problems with MSD before. Not a minutes trouble with the Crane stuff. And it cleared up some miss fires I was having due to more boost. (The so called spark blow out) Other than that, I sounds like you are getting a good handle on the tuning. Told you it wouldn't take long to get it up and running. It the fine details that you'll make yourself nuts over. And, that's only because you have the power. Young Jedi.
  7. UPDATE: My miss is finally gone! I added a MSD coil and it didn't help. I then added a 6AL (I got the MSD because I already had a 2 step box and rpm selector from my dad for it) and it too didn't solve the problem. I then changed the coil dwell from 40 to 35 and BAM... problem solved. It now pulls to 6600+rpm! I went to another of our local Flash light drag's and the car is DEFINITELY running better. My dad was pulling a good 4 cars on me at the last FLD and I ended up beating him on my last run of the day. here's a screenshot video of that run. Make sure you have your volume up so that you can hear the car.

    I'm still having trouble with my damn TKO and 2nd gear... you'll see and hear how much longer it takes me to hit that gear than 3rd and 4th.


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  8. Good, glad you got that taken care of. I think I had the dwell set at 30 or 35. I never had a misses. Cool isn't it.?
  9. The interesting thing is that I had a miss from day one and after some searching I found a thread on the AEM site that stated the dwell needed to be set to 40 on the 94-95 cars. Much to my surprise when I went in to change it I found that it was already set to 35 in V1.19 software. I didn't think anything about it and changed it to 40. Honestly it didn't make on bit of difference so I left it there and concentrated on everything else. Obviously the problem was somewhere in the ignition, I just don't know where now, but by setting it back to 35 everything is good.

    Now that I'm getting closer to getting it tuned I am going to start concentrating on some of the other stuff like idle, part throttle, etc. It is very hard to start when its hot, the idle is hit or miss, and I'm only getting 10mpg right now. But like I said, now that I have the WOT stuff close I can start spending more time on all of the other things it can do. Mike wants me to tune part throttle with a boost comp which I don't fully understand yet. i understand the theory behind it but that's it. I haven't turned the O2 feedback on yet for part throttle cruising but that is something I plan to do next.

    I LOVE this thing! (now) LOL!
  10. Another 94-95 guy with dwell set to 30-35 and no issues.
  11. Glad it is working good for you Paul!
  12. It gets better as time goes on, I'm really happy with mine also
  13. how is the tuning going? just curious as for updates
  14. Good, but I haven't done much with the car in the last month as I've been out of town a lot. I started working on my idle which is still giving me fits, but I haven't figured it out yet. I found the car likes more timing down low and a little pulled up top for best power production. I hope to get more tuning done before winter sets in. I'll post up when i do.