Aero to 4-eye conversion

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  1. Hey all, ive finally fixed up my project car (1991 mustang LX, 2.3L of course) of over 2 years, and was wondering how to change the aero front-end to the 4 eye style, cheaply. Any help whatsoever will be great. Ive tried googling it and cant find any instructions on how to do it. thanks in advance
  2. just look for and 4 eye to aero conversion on here and then do just the oppisite
  3. Try this

    This guy is going from a aero style to a Capri 4 eye.

    It is alot of work to do this swap. You will need a hood, fenders, bumper cover, head lights and many other parts. It would be best if you had a parts car to get everything all at once from.

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  4. Aero to 4 eye --- Maybe not

    Wow i didn't think that it was that much parts I had to replace..... I'm seriously thinking about not doing the conversion. Seeing as i'm working on a SMALL Budget. My stang came with a gt front bumper cover on it so since i didn't want to gt-ize it so my 2 options were 4-eye or Lx cover. I think ill go with the lx cover. :) Thanks for all the help at any rate. Maybe when i get more money i'll 4-eye it.
  5. You don't need to change out the fenders, but you do have to do the rest. It's no small task.
  6. Doing the aero to 4 eye. 86 Nose to be specific. Will need to change nose, hood and side moulding and rear bumper. My 93 Mustang vert did not come with any nose. So I used the 86 fenders. I modified the fiberglass bumper to hold the turn lights. On the headlights. If you remove out the headlight harness on the 4eye and Aero. It boils down to only 2 wires and they are same color. High beam wire and low. Ground the black wire that is in the 4eye and That leaves the 2. Since the 4eye is larger wire and I assume pull more currect. I will use a 2 relays to pull in high or low. A little more complicated for me. I am also changing the dash. Turn signal mount. mustang converiable/100_6584.jpg
    Fiberglass modification. mustang converiable/100_6088.jpg mustang converiable/100_6073-2.jpg
    Just a mock up picture. In pieces now. I got some 10 holes to go one it. But still unsure of that. Maurice
  7. Actually, that's my thread, I'm a chick and that is a true Capri that was converted to an Aero Mustang back in '91(ish). I gave the car back it's identity. Put the correct body parts BACK on it. I am highly opposed to any and all "nose swaps" whether it be four eye to aero or aero to four eye.

    It is NOT IMPOSSIBLE to find the correct parts for these cars. Scour the junkyards!
  8. Yay!!! :banana:

    Even if you do get the money, don't do it. It's a PITA.
    Boooooo hissssss...

  9. Boo Hiss. I guess it is ok to modify one to drag or pull the 2.3 and put a 5.0 in or roll cage. But not to change something reversable. Both of my pieces would be melted down if I was not using them. Just my thoughts and not starting no agruements. Sorry I post and will keep my mouth shut. Best wishes Maurice
  10. I condone all swaps esp front ends. The "identity" crisis of these cars is a friggin' joke. Weather it's an SVO V8 swap or a "4eye" to aero or aero to "4eye". Like I've said in so many posts on multiple sites, unless the title is in your name or unless you moderate an anal website, keep it to yourself. That being said, I've got a precious SVO on the market for any of the "gotta save 'em all" crowd.
  11. Keep it to ourselves? Ummmm, NO. I'm in America. I WILL give my opinion. Just like YOU just did. :shrug:
  12. It's all good and AZ rocks!:nice:
  13. I'm not big on swapping front ends on fox bodies. 4I foxes are rare and hard to find **** for. AFAIC they are special cars and they need to be preserved with atleast they're own parts. The only thing wrong with Areo-4I swaps is unless your using the popular 85/6 nose which is the only one other than the SVO thats remade in the aftermarket, you're taking parts away from peopel who own 4I's and parts ar ehard to find and only a few are remade and not all of them are remade well. Other than that I don't care if a aero owner wants to show some 4I love. The identity crisis is not a effing joke, if it wasn't for aeroswaps there'd be more reconizable 4I's on the road. The eqiuvilancy of a 4i-Aero swap is swapping a 99-04 fox4 nose onto a 94-8 fox4. Less not even get started on Capris.

    I get tired of v8 swaps because I think the 2.3 has potential. But a V8 swap on an SVO, GT Turbo, Cobra, Pace Car or McLaren is just not acceptable to me even if the latter three had 302 options. If you think about it, the aero years are when Ford got bored with the car. Look back at 4I cars There are so many yearly changes, engine options, and way more trim levels/versions you could get versus the Aero's LX, GT, Cobra, Saleen, 7Up. Sometimes, I get happy because somebody doesn't know what my car is, because of the imense popularity of the aerocars. They are surprised it is a Mustang.
  14. The entire 4 eye drama is a complete flaiming joke. So here's the bottom line. Yeah you can get bent out of shape and spew loads of crap online until your keyboard blows up, but if the car belongs to someone else you can't do anything about it. The "4eye" Mustangs in stock form are a novelty at best. I plan to leave my unmolested 84 1/2 GT convertable in stock brand new condition because it's too nice to mess with, but I've helped part out a rag 84 1/2 GT hatch.
  15. a novelty? how the fock is it a novelty to have a standard headlight system for the time? A Mustang period is a "novelty" vehicle as you so put it. I honestly don't understand what makes a 79-86 Mustang/Capri a novelty car. I don't think you know excactly what your talking about. The joke is supossed gearheads and car guys not giving two sh¡ts about a vehicles persona. It's only a joke cause you don't care. Theres people who don't give a sh¡t about priciples and don't stand for sh¡t and theres people that do. To some people in the mustang world a 79-86 car needs to retain it's original look. Just like probably almost every 1st gen owner would think it would be stupid to swap noses with a falcon inwhich it's based on. I'm fine wit aero-4i swaps cause maybe the demand for 4i stuff will grow. I bet you'd be against me dropping a 318 magnum in my car.
  16. My two cents on the whole issue:

    We all modify cars to make them preform better or to our own personal liking, so even if you do a slight thing, it's still not "stock". Swapping the ranger header into the n/a 2.3 is a mod, while not a big one, but still a mod.

    Personally if I had the time, I like the Aero nose on the 87-93 Mustangs better than the 4I, but I do like the interior guage layout on the 4I's way better than the guage layout on the later Fox body. If I was really bored, I'd switch out the guages in my '93 to earlier style and enjoy the benefits of the fuel injection and what i percieve to be a better guage layout.

    I've put a v8 in a Datsun 280ZX, and while some purists didnt like it, it was mine, it ran better, faster, and actually handled better than the original 6 that was in it. The original 6 motor went south and was far cheaper at the time to swap in the V8.

    Bottom line is make your car yours. Not everyone has the same taste or style, but that's what makes each car unique and fun to drive. SOmetimes I get an idea off someone elses mod.
  17. I didn't mean to start a problem. The reason I used a 93 is because of the efi and was a rust free body. Now the car was a writeoff [Hit lightly in rear] Nose gone and motor. I already had a white aeronose 89. So didn't want 2 of them. Now I found a extremely rusty 86. But nose was good at a Pull-A-Part. Also got the side moulding. And we know how long they last there. So I got the nose. The rear bumper came from elsewhere. I am like the other I prefer the 4I dash. So I am doing both conversion dash and nose so it will not look like a Mix breed. Worse come to worse I save some 4I parts for the future. The whole purpose to using 2 pieces of cars is. #1 I wanted a Vert, #2 wanted a 4I, #3 Going with SHO motor, #4 I didn't want to molest a original 4I.
    I probably got more money in pieces and parts than what a good 4I would cost. But then that violate #4. Hope that explains my reasons and thoughts. Like said not starting no agruments. Everyone has there opions and views and that what make this country great. Thanks Maurice
    Also I love the looks of the Mexician 4I Capri Notch. Too bad we didn't get in USA>
  18. i guess we all get to chime in on this one..... like several others who have already said the same thing. I say get over it. The car doesn't know who or what it was. for those that think the vehicle will lose its' identity (or persona i think it was called) The car, (not actually being alive) doesn't give a rats' ass how many headlights it had (or will have) I have always been one to "modify" one of these cars and I personally hate the aero front ends (my right) I plan to do more than swap out the one on my 89. We all like these cars,..(it's why we joined this forum) And I am a died in the wool ford guy, but if every mustang that ever came to a show, rally, whatever looked like the day it rolled out of the factory, I'd get bored in a heart beat.

    I have a 53 studebaker that has 02 GT running gear, I had a 87 chrysler conquest that I put a twin turbo'd 347 in. And my last 86 had a gi-honkin turbo requiring i cut a smile into the bumper cover for the impeller

    you can bet all of the purists were plenty pissed off about both of those choices. I live in the south, and the first thing most guys do around here is yank the ford engine and put a chevy motor in it. but despite all of the pissing and moaning from the purists,...The car itself never uttered a word. pliner0190wb1.jpg
    enginecompartment014dr8.jpg thechassis010pt8.jpg
  19. I tried to think of the best way to explain it and here goes: It's not a Capri. Mexican Mustangs had Capri front clips on them. They never got a Capri. IIRC the fenders even have mustang arches.