Fuel Aeromotive Adj. Fuel Pressure Regulator

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  1. My friend at work the other day gave me an Aeromotive AFPR to put on my car. I was just wondering if this is everything that I needed. He said that the piece coming off of it is for hooking up an electronic gauge in the car. Do I still check the pressure with the valve on the fuel rail or do I have to use that connection? Also, how do I relieve the fuel pressure so I can install this thing?

  2. Relieve the pressure at the schrader valve on the fuel rail. You can still test the pressure from that location as well.
  3. Nice friend, that's an expensive regulator. Use the schrader valve on the fuel rail. Put a rag under the stock one, fuel will still leak out. It's plug and play though.
  4. I just installed an Aeromotive on a car about a year ago. It's probably the nicest one I've ever put in a car. Great fit, and easy adjustment. You can check the pressure anywhere on the line. If you have a gauge in the car, you don't need to check it at the line as well.

  5. If your not going to hook up a Autometer elec gauge pull that sender out and plug with a 1/8" NPT.
  6. I still need to hook this up but I don't have a gauge. Would it be possible to hook a gauge up to that sending unit and keep it under the hood?
  7. And also what gauge would I want?
  8. whatever one you want and you think looks good. A lot of people go with Autometer but its up to you.
  9. Yea I would go with autometer but I don't think I need to mount it inside the car since I don't think it would be necessary. Ill probably eventually mount one on a pillar or gauge cluster when I get a blower installed. Can I just mount one in the regulator using that sending unit attached to it?
  10. You can get a gauge that goes in place of the schraeder valve under the hood. It's more visible there then off the sending hole on the fpr. They are inexpensive. Just don't forget to get the 1/8" to 1/4" adapter to go with the gauge. Autometer sells that adapter at a rediculous rip off price, but they are almost impossible to find locally.

  11. Yeah, just like Venom did.

  12. You have a sending unit for an electric gauge, which would require the wiring and an electric gauge....they're showing you a direct reading gauge....no need for a sending unit with that setup.
  13. Okay cool. Yea I was just wanting a setup like venom's for now until I have a good reason to start mounting gauges inside. Do I need to take that sending unit off if I'm not going to be using it then? Thank you.
  14. You don't need to remove it....for now it's plugging a hole...but it'll look fugly under the hood. Having said that, if you took it out, you'll need to plug it...I imagine you can find a plug easily.
  15. I don't trust electric gauges. But that's just me.