Aerospace Brake Question

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  1. friend has a car that we are making a bit more street friendly . Has aerospace front and rear setup on it but manual brakes . I did the research so tell me if I am wrong

    The aerospace manual master is 1 1/8 bore and so is an 84-86 svo . so if I were to use the master and booster combo for the svo with an adj proportioning valve could we get power brakes back on this thing ?

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  2. Firstly,... the 1.125 manual mc is incorrectly spec'd for a manual brake system. It is probably harder than hell to push the pedal enough to even get the car to stop. It should be no bigger than 15/16 when used in a manual application.
  3. I'm just going off what there website said as far as size mike so what would you opinion be on this

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  4. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1375828449.239333.jpg

    that's what comes in the kit

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  5. I have this whole setup in my car. Aerospace mc and 4 piston calipers on all 4 corners. Once you redrill the pedal assembly to move the pivot point there is really no big deal with pedal effort what so ever. I don't think I would ever have another fox with power brakes. Granted on the last trip to the track the wall stopped the car far faster than the brakes ever could. I would not recommend using the wall to stop; however.
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  6. That's the key. Redrilling the pedal to change the geometry.

    With regards to the OP. Was this done? If so, this will need to be changed back to original geometry if you decide to change to power brakes.
  7. yup it was done , I did them for him. given the other factors aside , would it work being that the MC would be the same size with correct boost if It was the stock geometry

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  8. Do you know what size pistons are on the brakes front and rear? I'm looking to calculate total piston surface area. I have sone data to compare it to when selecting MC

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  9. i cant find the piston sizes even on there website
  10. Darn walls are never where you want them to be anyway. Glad you are asking about brakes!
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  11. Not for me lol for my buddy who is running them , I am eventually going 5lug chrome pony. r I think

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  12. Do you know what kits were used? Part numbers?