aerostar aluminum driveshaft swap!

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  1. OK so i went to the wreckers today on a mission to find the all elusive aluminum drive shaft out of the aerostar awd! after 2 stops at local wreckers i found one! i have the old u joints off! and i need to get the new ones for it! i know the napa part # is 353 but I'm in Canada and when i went to napa here 2 parts come up as 353 u joints for ford tuck and 1 for AMC I'm thinking i need the ford truck ones? does anyone have that info? anyhelp would be great! i hear jricher has the info !! hope hes around!
  2. I would really like to know this as well.....they're not very common to find but i aways have my eye open for one when i'm at the JY.
  3. how much did that baby cost ya? i forgot all about the aluminum driveshaft from these vehicles. i remember when al. dS used to cost 149 from ford racing now they like 269 crazy, cost of aluminum must have went up.
  4. I paid $165 for mine brand new....about a year ago the price jacked up about 100 bucks. It's a good source for an aluminum shaft *IF* you can find an AWD Aerostar....they're not very common.
  5. Got any pics of that bad boy? I'm kind of curious how they compare to the ford racing ones; the ford racing pieces are really thick in diameter, obviously to keep them from twisting....... I've always got my eyes open for them, just to get one for a future project car.
  6. i paid $75 for my awd areostar d/s....seems like i just asked for mustang u joints cuz i had to use the rear flange off the mustangs d/s. i heard not all areostars had alum d/s...they changed after vibration problems came up an recalled the old ones for the alum upgrade. has any one else heard this?
  7. I could go and get about 6 or 7 of them tomorrow from the local JY...I have one sitting at work

    the 353 is an old part number.
  8. Any special years to look for or just any AWD Aerostar, my uncle has around an 88 to I dont know a 92 or so rotting in his field.
  9. i dont have any pics of it but it is smaller than the stock steel one! but a lot lighter! the aluminum shaft is found in aerostars 91-93 i believe! and its the rear one you want and it also has to be all wheel drive! like someone else said good luck finding one! but like Roland says he can get about 6 or 7 of them! sounds like a business venture to me!! lol i payed 75$ for mine!it was already out of the van and on a shelf just had to take off the old u joints! now waiting for someone to tell me what new u joints to use! someone said napa part #353 ? someone also said this is an old part # so if anyone knows the correct ones to use could you please post for us thanks!
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  11. i'd just suck it up and get the FRPP DS, its a little pricey compared to what it used to be but its WELL WORTH the money.

    i was hesitant to buy it at 250$, i wanted to find a used one, the reason i wanted one was to cure vibes i kept getting from USED driveshafts, then i thought well why dont i just get a new one and KNOW it will be good and be done with it.

    i forked over the 250$ on for the alum shaft, its a NICE DS and cured absolutly ALL my vibrations, the car runs smooth as silk at speed no vibes at all. its worth the money knowing you will get a good piece rather than take a chance with used parts. i dont see the logic in spending alot of money on mods and engine parts and etc and try to cheap out on the DS, the DS is very important.
  12. why would i suck it up and spend 300$ when i can get the same thing for 75$ as long as there are no marks dings or dents in it! its the same thing as you have! only i didnt spend almost 300$ for it! why would i pay that much for something when i can get it a fraction of the price! sound like the only thing getting sucked is your wallet!! LOL:rlaugh: :lol: as for the vibration that why the aerostars have the aluminum driveshaft! to cure the vibration! i know others who have done the samething and have no vibrations! so as for sucking it up ... i think ill keep my money in my wallet for now! and use it for something else! like something that will make my car go faster!!hoo hoo
  13. just be careful. i bought alot of stock steel shafts that didnt have dings or dents in them and they were horrilble and vibrated bad. just because a ds "looks" good doesnt mean it is.

    the aerostar shaft may end up working great for you and thats awesome but i am just the kind of guy who would rather spend a little more dough and get a brand new part that i know will work great. just me though. i have had some back luck with used stuff.
  14. this is exactly what i did. when my u joints would go bad, i'd just go pick up a decent used driveshaft from a buddy of mine who pretty much has a mini mustang salvage yard in his backyard. they'd be good for about 6-12 months, then i'd have to go get another one. i have 3 driveshafts sitting in my garage, lol. finally i said f**k it and bought a brand new ford racing one about 3 weeks ago from 50resto for like $235 shipped. don't regret forking over the extra bit of cash what so ever. knowing i have some sort of warranty and piece of mind having a brand new shaft makes up for the costs. that and i now have ZERO vibrations in my drivetrain! :nice:
  15. the PN 353 will still be able to be bought but they will (might) have to check the new # it's probly something like 28-353 or something...just ask NAPA when you go to get one.
  16. maby I should get them all....I can change all the u-joints out in a few hours in all 7 of them and sell them as a direct fit lol...
  17. sounds good tome roland since i started the thred ill only take 1/2 the money collected! lol:D hey roland did you get my message i sent you ? or did you see the post i left for you when you asked where i was from ?
  18. OK jrichker sent me a private message and as for the u joint part # he doesn't have one other than 353 from napa! so i guess ill go check it out! they said 353 was for a ford truck that's what it came up as! but since I'm going to use the mustang tail stock and yoke I'm thinking that i should be able to use just a mustang spicer u joint? any ideas or thoughts people?
  19. Hey guys, cross reference this part number, these are the u joints I use and they are from auto zone. 1-0134 pdq, I just bought two for my next project (10.99). The aerostar shaft is 3" round vs the 3.5" of the motorsport, besides that works fine in my cobra.