aerostar aluminum driveshaft swap!

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by fastford91, Oct 19, 2007.

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  2. and if you copy the IMG tag and paste it it will show the pic instad of a link
  3. man. Upload it there then just put attach image when you are posting a reply.
  4. 124-2403_IMG.jpg
    ok guys i think i got it now! take a look at the alt and the driveshaft!

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  5. and now that i finally know how to do that here are some pics of my car!
    122-2226_IMG.jpg 121-2146_IMG.jpg 121-2122_IMG.jpg

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  6. Some questions about the driveshaft -
    What was the diameter - 3" or 3.5"?
    What U joints and other parts did you use to make it fit?
  7. it a 3" aluminum drive shaft! haven't been able to find u joints for it yet! i know people have posted the napa 353 but you have to remember I'm in Canada so the part # doesnt match up! they have 2 listing for part # 353 one for a ford truck and the other is for an amc! and they dont have either of them! so there going to order me 2 of each and ill go back tomorrow with the drive shaft and try to find something that is going to work! and as a last resort ill just order the napa 353 off of the Internet in the states and have them shipped to me! but in the mean time I'm trying to install my new 3G alt! i have to find those install instructions again on here!!!
  8. here's a link to a thread i did about my 3g install with a lot of pics. it wasn't a 'how to' thread, it was to verify that i did it correctly, but i did so you can go off that if ya want.

    and here's Roland's thread.
  9. you really need to lose that gas cap door cover!!!! :puke: and you might as well do the euro lights while you're at it!!
  10. i agree! i can live with the gas cap door, but PLEASE, in the name of all things holy, BURN those tail lights! :nono:
  11. hahaha to each there own! i like it the way it is! as for the G3 install its done i used jichker's wiring diagram and fallowed it step by step! very useful! i got it all hooked up! have to down load pics and i will post them!
  12. will post pis in one min
  13. ok here are pics of the install for the 3G alt!
    first i had to notch out the bracket so the new alt would fit
    here are the supplys needed to complete the swap!
    here it is installed on the bracket with the wires hooked up!
    then ran it to a 125 amp fuse mounted on passenger side fender!
    ran the wire infront of the rad and under my rad support bracket
    and out the other side to the drivers side fender!
    then put my rad support bracket back on ! hides the wire nicley!
    then ran the wire to the solenniod
    i know the driveshaft swap turned into the g3 swap! but i promise the drivesaft is coming! i have it ! just waiting on u joints!

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  14. cool....I'd maby clean that bracket up a little
  15. what where i notched it to fit? thats a real close up you cant even see it unless you right on top of it!
  16. looking at those pics i just realized something! the guy sold me 150amp fuses and not 125amp ones!! looks like ill have to take them back tomorrow and get the right ones to! I'm glad this isn't a daily driver!!!
  17. well i was going to get around to the driveshaft today but i just relized the drive shaft i have is only 42 1/2" long and im pretty sure i need 45 1/2" long so im going to have to take it back and get my money back! also PM'D Roland to see if he has one he wants to sell! so i wont be able to do the drive shaft till i get the right one! that sucks !:( :notnice: :bang: :fuss: :uzi: :damnit:
  18. ok i got under the car and lined it up and it fits! its 42 1/2" from weld to weld! but from center of u joint to center of u joint its 45 1/2" just what i need! lol ok so now im waiting for the u joints to come in! so i can finish it up! i havnt taken out the old drive shaft yet! any suggestions on how to do it? should i take it right out or try to do it with it on the car? i havnt done one before?