Aerostar Aluminum Driveshaft

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  1. Ok so I picked up an aluminum driveshaft this past weekend and I want make sure I get the right u-joints. I have read through past threads but have only found napa p# 353 for the front. My question is, is it still the part number for the rear one as well? Thanks guys!
  2. Aluminum driveshaft: (courtesy of shawn13) It needs to be from a 92-93-94 Aerostar AWD. It measures 45 ½” center of the front U-joint to center of the rear U-joint. You will need the U-joint, part #PUJ353 from NAPA. The Canadian NAPA pat number is 1-0134BF. It should bolt right up after the U-joint swap.

    Note: This driveshaft is not an exact duplicate of the Ford Racing part. It is 3” in diameter while the Ford Racing part is 3.5” in diameter. There is no guarantee that the balance will be any better than the stock part.

    Use a piece of string and wrap it around the driveshaft. Make a mark on the string where the ends overlap. Measure the length of the string:
    On the 3" AeroStar driveshaft the string will be 9.42" or about 9 7/16" long.
    On the Ford Racing 3.5" driveshaft the string will be 10.99" or about 11" long