Affordable Mechanic/knowledgeable Person In San Diego, Ca Area

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  1. Hi folks! I'm new here and about to buy a 1968 Coupe that was professionally converted to a Convertible. I'm very happy to be part of stangnet now! The car is a 6 cylinder and seems very honest, the seller also. He had it for like 10 years and used it as a daily driver. It doesn't have any rust issues. It needs some work, though, and since this is going to be my first Mustang and classic car, I could use some advice which parts should be replaced or upgraded. I'm looking for a knowledgeable and affordable mechanic or experienced private person in the San Diego, CA area who can help me fix things up. I can't spend a ton of money so I'll try to do as much as possible on my own. Every tip is greatly appreciated! Best, Max
  2. Sorry i am not in San Diego ,but what i would check is to see if they put in the inner rockers and under floor braces and the full seat platform for a convert .It should also have torque boxes. hopefully it isn't something that just had the roof chopped off. Do you have any pics?
  3. Hi Jim, thanks for your advice. So there's a lot more for me to take into account! I don't know what changes were exactly made. The seller didn't do the conversion, the roof was already chopped off when he got it. I have pics of the car but not of the underbody. I can ask the seller to take some and send me though. The car seemed very stable when I test-drove it and the doors fit in perfectly. I read that all 1968 body types have torque boxes, but that might not be enough if they didn't put in the rest.

    Another thing I've never seen on other Mustangs were the rear leaf springs. They are hanging very low, easy to see in the picture. What do you think of that? mustang.jpg
  4. looks like load levelers .they use them for towing or maybe the car set low in the rear. nice looking car . yeah a 68 has both torque boxes .
    I am doing a coupe conversion right now ,i have a thread going -68 going topless
  5. Wow! Amazing job on the 67 Shelby conv project! So cool.

    I start to have doubts about the 68 conv. It looks and runs nice and I didn't find any serious rust spots. Price is $6300 which appears to be a pretty good deal compared to anything else I checked out. I can't afford a decent original convertible, so it's either this or a coupe. On the other hand, I don't think they put in inner rockers, under floor braces and the full seat platform for the convert. I would have to see the car again and check it. It's 350mls from San Diego though. Do you think it would make sense for me to put them in at some point or is it a super expensive job? I would need to get it done in a shop, I can't weld. Thanks for your help!
  6. If it doesn't have the inner rockers and under supports you dont want it. that is all the strength in a convert . you could add them ,but for the price it probably is not worth it . Just looking at the pic it does not appear to have the under supports ,they would hang down just enough to see them
  7. Someone told me I could install sub frame connectors from front to back. Is that an option to get sufficient strength in a convert? Thx
  8. Not really ,the inner rockers add more strength than sub frame connectors
    especially when they are tied to the under floor supports and convertible seat box and torque boxes ,at least on a convert any way. All the correct pieces could be added ,but on a finished car it would not be easy without having to repaint somewhere.