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Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by bart, Dec 22, 2003.

  1. i just want a little info and maybe an opnion or whatever. ok ive done quite a bit to the engine in the truck. i do plan on buying some heads sometime this summer or just whenever i get the extra cash to buy them. click my www for all my mods and whatnot.

    so heres the thing, the old men i work with at the bodyshop, ive gathered that they believe in using AFPR's. well they keep on and keep on tellin me that i need to invest in one cuz...."itll run like a raped ape with one". so ive called bull****, i mean this is comin from the guys that told me to lower the back of my truck with bags of concrete and railroad ties. but it does have me thinkin.

    so, i dont know anything about em, anybody feel like educating me? will they help? is it a good mod? who to buy from? i stillhave factory 19#er's too.

  2. Its a great mod to tune with. why would you add a carload of performance parts and not have enought fuel to support them, its kinda pointless. Its like putting a stock 4 cyl mustang fuel pump on john forces mustang. It will never reach the power potential that its capable of.

    When dyno tuning its very important, I have seen 20hp gains on the dyno just from changing the fuel pressure.

    My advice is get one, it will be handy when tuning.
  3. without a doubt get one...i dont see why u say BS to their advice :shrug: they are suggesting one right?? i couldnt tell by your wording.....u shouldve gotten one a while ago and your mods call for one eventually. its always good to be abkle to adjust your Fuel pressure - minor or major mods.

  4. yeah they are suggesting one, but after all the crap that ive heard out of em i just figured bs. its like my car runs crappy, afpr, my car smokes, afpr, my car is making this grind tearing sounds like **** is about to fall apart sound, afpr. its their answer to everything. so i just figured it wasnt a good idea. but i see now that i might need to get one.

    so how do you properly tune one without a dyno? well at least get it close.

    thanx guys.
  5. you need to get on a dyno with a wide band O2 sensor to take advantage of the afpr. otherwise you need a solid day at the track to tune it.

    btw, if your car isn't running rich or lean you don't need one.... odds are though your a/f is a little off due to your mods so you might gain a few hp.

  6. ok well heres the problem. the closest chassis dyno i can think of is like 2 hrs away from here. i mean yeah i can go to one, seems a little far away for just that.

    is their a magic number in which i need to hover around for the best response. other than the fact that the dyno is so far away.......our track closed down for winter about 3 weeks ago. be may before it opens back up.
  7. First of all Bart, Very nice truck!
    As far as the AFPR goes, I think it is needed if you make big improvements in airflow (like forced induction or Nitros) and you are going to tune by adjusting your air/fuel ratio.
    I found that my car and combo ran best at the stock fuel pressure of 39 psi, so an AFPR isn't even needed.
  8. werd, well thats 100 less bucks i have to spend. lol.

    thanx on the the comment.