afr 165cc or 185cc?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 90sting, Dec 20, 2003.

  1. anyone running afr 165 or 185 heads with b cam
    if so please let me know good r bad?
  2. If you are going to get some nice AFR heads I would go ahead and pay another 150 dollars or so and get a custom cam...I guarantee you won't regret it... :D

  3. Yea I agree, You would make more power with a set of twisted wedge heads for 1,000 and use the 300 you saved for a nice custom cam. And as far as what heads to get, it all depends if you have enough piston to valve clearance to use the 185's and if you are going to run a goood enough cam and rev it high enough to take advantage of the 185's larger intake runners.
  4. yep...and looking at your other post of mods I would stick with the 165's....

  5. anyone else?
  6. how bout you give the rest of your combo for those of us who have no idea
  7. 26x10.50x15 et streets
    other mods r

    1 5/8 shorty headers 'hookers'
    1.7 roller rockers
    hot coil
    abv timing
    short belt no p/pump
    aftermarket fuel pump not sure what size?
    sub frame con.
    90/10 front shocks
    50/50 rear shocks
    after market lower con arms
    cold air kit 'bbk'
    i think thats about it

    new mods
    typhoon intake
    alum heads afr 165 or 185 not sure yet
    throttle body 70mm "bbk'
    'b' cam
    please let me know what you think.
  8. id go with the 165's
  9. 165s and u are wasting your money on those heads if your putting a b cam in it...go with a custom or at least something better
  10. Yeah man, the B cam is far too small for AFR heads, they flow more than the cam will let 'em. at least use an x cam. A cam with 264 to 274 druation will like the 165's and you'd need like a 282 duration for the 185's. I wouldn't go with the 185's unless you aren't concerned with torque as much as horsepower.
  11. Exactly, go to ed curtis he'll hook you up with what you need. Look at some of his combos an you'll see why we say to ditch that crap ass b-cam an get a real one.
  12. does ed curtis have a site if so how can i get there?
  13. 185's are way overkill unless you have like 12# of boost, 165 for sure.
  14. custom cam for 150.00 where? I 'd like to know,try 325.00 from comp or EDC :D And we use a .500 inch lift [email protected] but my duratuion is way more than the cams you buy off the shelf and it's on a 106 LC.

    Btw..we run low low 11'[email protected] plus with EDC Upper combination and this car has only 310 CID :D and is N/A.
  15. he didnt say the cam costs 150, he meant an additional 150 on top of the cost of the b-cam. At least thats what i think he meant to say
  16. I don't believe you can fit the 185's on a stock pistons.....
  17. Your right, the bigger vavles in the 185s won't clear the stock pistons. You'd have to flycut them. That's one thing that turned me off to 185's i don't wanna have to flycut my pistons so i'm just going with the 165s.
  18. thinks i check ed curtis cams out and let you'll know.