AFR 185 Cylinder Heads With Valve Spring Upgrade

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  1. The Bad: Two bolt holes on the passenger side head for the intake need to be helicoiled they are stripped out.

    The Good: Come with a Flowtech Induction Valve spring upgrade

    # SB-Ford Outlaw Street Cylinder Head185cc Intake Ports
    # Stud Rocker Arm Mounting
    # 72cc Combustion Chambers
    # 69cc Exhaust Ports

    GEN4-LSX Valve Spring Kit:
    FTI GEN4 Dual Valve Springs
    Super Clean - Pure Alloy Material
    1.290? Diameter Spring
    145# at 1.800?
    .650? Lift Capable
    Chromemoly Steel Retainers
    Hardened Valve Locks
    Hardened & Machined Locators
    Viton Valve Seals

    Drivers Side Head





    This is a slight ding in the area where the valve cover sits. Its been repaired with JB weld. It was never an issue before or since the ding was filled in with the JB weld


    Passenger side head stripped bolt holes ( 2 of them )





    The valve springs on these heads were $375 and installed in the summer of 08. These heads brand new w/ out an upgraded spring kit are $1450. I am selling these for $900 including shipping which I figure out should be around $50-$60. Serious inquires or questions only please.

    Thank You.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.