AFR 185 package???

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 1fast302, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. I have an opportunity to get a set of AFR 185's for cheap. I planned to do a performance buildup on my 88 GT anyways (intake, cam, headers, gear) but originally with AFR 165's. I would like to get the 185's since they are such a deal, but what would be a good package to go with these heads??? Any opinions would be great!!

    Sorry, after I posted I noticed this is the tuning forum. I am new to the site, I apologize fellas.
  2. get the 185s and build a nice 331 or 347 stroker, custom cam, track heat intake or equivalent.
  3. I highly recommend the 185 his what I use to have in my car before I had to sell due to a baby at the time.

    306 Mexican Block with 9.5 to 1 compression forged pistons with AFR 185 aluminum Heads, Harland Sharp 1.7 Roller Rockers, XE 266 comp cam, 1 5/8 Mac headers, Mac CAI, MSD Blaster coil, MSD Bullet Distributor, MSD 6al, Trick Flow Street intake, Pro M Mass air meter set for 30lb injectors, ford 30lb injectors, 95 Cobra R Computer controlling the car. New Paint, New hood 3 in Cobra R, Cobra Wing, New tint 35% on all windows. 16 Chrome plated 10 spoke wheels, Blackouts Included with the car original turbine wheels, Custom built AOD, Sony xplode cd player. Very fast ran 11.6 in the ΒΌ mile.

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