Fox Afr Rocker Arm Studs

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  1. I stripped all the hardware off of my new AFR 185 heads and sold it a few months ago. I have bought the recommended spring kit, per Ed Curtis. I need a set of rocker arm studs now. The stockers on the AFR's were only 3/8". I will be buying a set of 7/16" to replace them.

    Question is, which ones do I need? I will be using comp pro magnum rollers and stock valve covers. I've heard about buying longer sets, is this needed? My machinist prefers Manley products, so any recommendations for Manley or ARP are welcome, or just some over all needed measurements.


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  2. I personally prefer ARP fasteners and hardware over any other brand, but that's just me. If you trust your engine builder and he stands behind what he sells then use his recommendation.
    For me, something like this is what I would be looking for if I were you.
    These studs are .150 longer in the rocker stud area and allow for a little more thread engagement in the rocker adjusting nut. These are reasonably priced for a decent set of studs. If you are turning some high rpms or using unusually high spring pressures then look at upgrading to a pro series stud but I don't think that would be warranted. As far as the rockers go, they are some bad mothers! I am actually using the comp pro magnums on my car as we speak. I had a failure with the shaft rockers that I had and in a pinch put them on. We have turned 8650 rpms on the track and they have been flawless. They have worked so well that I don't think I'll be putting the shaft rockers back on any time soon.
  3. Nick,

    I see those are 1.9" of over all stud length. Are you saying that these are .150 longer than stock? I thought the AFR's were 1.87". I was thinking I needed something in the 2" range. I just want to make sure I understand what I am looking at before I buy.

    Thanks again!

  4. Pretty sure the ones 84ttop posted are the same one's I have on my 205's. Also running comp pro mag rockers. Seen 7400 rpm so far. Did you do titanium retainers also?
  5. No, no titanium retainers. I am using the smaller based LSX springs though. According to Ed, the entire spring, retainer and lock assembly is about 2/3 of the weight of a normally larger spring, such as the Anderson Hi Rev springs that I had. Not as light as titanium, but lighter than most steel setups.

    Thanks for the replies, I will give those a try if no one else pipes up with other info.

  6. I upgraded t0 ARP 134-7104 rocker studs after breaking one on my AFR 185 heads which are know to fail im using comp pro mag rockers also
    Summit Racing Part Number:ARP-134-7104


    Base Thread Size:7/16-14 in.

    Rocker Arm Nut Thread Size:3/8-24 in.

    Guideplate Locator Shank:Yes

    Rocker Arm Nut Thread Length (in):1.000 in.

    Effective Stud Length (in):1.895 in.

    Base Thread Length (in):0.710 in.

    Quantity:Sold as a set of 16.

    Notes:Fits most Small Block Ford with 3/8 screw-in studs. Machine work may be required.
  7. the measurements can get all goofy rather quickly. even though the stud I posted is still 1.9" overall length, they take .100 away from the lower stud and add it too the upper portion of the stud. This gives you .750 instead of .850 engagement into the head which is still more than enough and allows for a longer stud with more engagement on the locking nut for the rocker
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  8. Thanks for explaining that! That clears up a lot.