Afs 18x9 03 Cobra Wheels Powder Coated

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  1. So as many experience, the clear coat finish on my AFS 03 Cobra 18x9s is pretty much gone. I've had them since 2004 and decided I like the design enough to keep them and refinish them.


    I dropped the car off Tuesday and went for a "flat gunmetal" look. See Porsche GT3 pic below from the LA Auto Show I used for inspiration.


    Here are more "Before" photos of my wheels.

    And here is sample wheel color I selected at the shop which has a mild satin finish which I preferred over a glossy finish.

    I'll post pics of the finished product when I pick up the car tonight.
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  2. Wow...that will look pretty good. How much?
  3. Originally it was going to be $150 per wheel including re-mounting and balancing, but they are behind schedule on getting it done, so I'm getting a discount when I pick it up on Tuesday.
  4. Finished product turned out lighter than I initially had wanted and the shop painted my center caps which wasn't part of the arrangement!! I got a fairly significant price reduction due to that.
    I wasn't crazy about the look with painted center caps and chrome lug nuts..

    But I'm pretty happy with the results after switching to SVT center caps (from ebay) and black lug nuts from
  5. Yuck, please get them to do the job right. I don't know what the hell they gave you but it sure isn't gunmetal!
  6. The last two pics look pretty good. The first is... I dunno how to put it into kind words. How do you like it?
  7. Your final product looks nothing like the example you posted. You should have never accepted the wheels and told the shop to get it right on their own dime. They look no different (in the last picture) than the silver finish on 99 cobra wheels.
  8. If they were the sample colour you posted, they woulda looked good. But, that looks terrible.