AFS Wheels on 03 Cobra

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by cwsnake, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. I know this has probably been asked before, but is anyone using the 18x10.5 AFS 03 Cobra replica wheels on their 03 Cobra? AFS says there is an interferance issue. I hear that a bolt has to be changed on the IRS for them to work. I have been wanting to put some on the rear of my car for a while. Does anyone have an experience with these wheels, and what are the problems and solution?
  2. I don't know about the 18x10.5's... I have the 17x10.5's and I used a button head bolt in place of the stock IRS bolt so the sidewall of my Nitto 315's would not get shredded when the suspension was fully unloaded.

  3. Thanks U.M.
    I did some research and the 18x10.5 are supposed to have a little more clearance than the 17's because of the larger diameter. Some say a short head bolt and 1/4" wheel spacer is necessary, but with the Nitto's being a little narrower than other 315 tires it may not be necessary. Anyway, I am ordering some and am ready to see how they look.
  4. You can grind the bolt down by half with a disk sander. I got over grinding and drilling holes in my 03 a long time ago. I run 17x10.5 AFS wheels with 315 BFG KD's. I met a guy at Rockingham and I couldn't believe how much wider the BFG's are versus the Nittos. BFG measures at the tread while Nittos measure OAW. Another think about the BFG's is the rim protection built in the tire that over hangs the bead making them even wider. Maybe I'm lucky but I don't run any spacers. Some have said it depends on the chassis mounting position of the IRS. I doubt that. To begin with, the IRS bracket will be the interference when the car is on the ground. The IRS bolt only interferes while the chassis is suspended with the tires hanging. I'm sure the IRS frames are placed in a weld jig when they are welded so they are damn close. No matter how the IRS is bolted to the chassis, the dimensions from the wheel to the IRS bracket will be the same. Mine is real damn close to the IRS bracket but it can't hit it. I don't even worry about it. You will not need any spacers.