After Almost 3 Years She's almost ready for fun

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by gs98cobra, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. That's how long my 98 has sat in the garage broken till I could get the funds to get her running.Well she is almost done dropped her off at Livernois motorsports the second week off December and they are in the process of finally getting the engine back in and getting her tuned.Work that they are doing goes as follows.

    4-Valve Modular 323ci Big Bore Stroker Shortblock

    CNC Stage 2 Ford 4.6L 4-Valve Cylinder Heads

    Stage 3 Comp Cams Custom Grinds

    Tune By Dan Millen

    I can't wait to get her back out on the road and enjoy some crusin with the kids again.Just thought I would share thanks for the ear.
  2. Sounds pretty sweet. What's the compression ratio and how much hp you expectin'?
  3. 9:4:1 set up for twin turbos but need to save another 10 grand for that.In the NA for now id be happy and the shop is saying around 375rwhp.
  4. Nice.

    Post up some pics of the engine work if get a chance.

  5. yeah deffinitly keep us posted would love to see some pics!:)
  6. What was so wrong with it that you had it sit for so long. Did the engine grenade on you? Post pics.