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  1. Hello all:

    I'm new to this forum and new to Mustangs. I never did like anything other that the older mustangs. And then this 2005 came out and made me want to buy one.

    How long after it comes out do you think the after market companies will be making **** for this car?

    I really loved those tail lights on the Concept model and the front end as well. Did anybody else? I'm hoping that an aftermarket company starts making those parts reat fast.

    You all who have been Mustang owners for a long time now know the aftermarket companies much better than I do. If you like the Concept tail lights or anything else about the Concept, why don't you drop an email to these companies that might be producing aftermarket stuff for the new model Mustang and see if it's feesible to make those. I mean I'm sure I'm not the ONLY one who liked the look of the Concept tail and front end. I'm sure ALL kinds of people would jump on a production run of such components.

    Who knows. We might not have to wait that long after they come out to start dressing these things up real sweet.

    And I'm not leaving the Horsepower freaks out of this. You guys need to start hitting up some people too. I've already started doing that, LOL.

    So what's up? Does anybody like the idea of having a Concept look on the production model?

  2. I asked this question a several months ago....apparently a lot of the AM companies (Steeda, Roush, etc...) get preproduction/test mules to play around with. I'm sure a few of them already have engines that they're playing with as well. Expect ot see mods available when the car is available, I would think.
  3. Hopefully, it will be quicker than development of parts for the 1996-2004 mod motor cars, and I am not talking about body kits, wings, and other such crap.

    I imagine that people have figured that the mod motor is here to stay, so hopefully we will see some intakes, heads, cams, and other items that will make these cars more powerful. I am also thinking that it will not take long to crack the EEC computer, or whatever they are using now.

    I want to see Kenne Bell develop an intercooled blower for the 2005. They are making some sick power on the 1999-2003 stangs now.

    I want to see headers, x pipes, cat backs, and other parts that will give the mustang some BARK and some bite, along with nice rims and tires.

    As for body parts, I would love a double scoop ram air hood, a duckbutt spoiler, and the concept's tail light assembly.

    Oh, and don't forget some 4.10's and a pro50 shifter.

  4. Yeah I'm not talking about body kits either. That just GROSS. I just want the tail end and maybe a different nose. I want a shelbly style hood, edlebrock 454 rims concept lights and for sure something to cover the the bottom of the pipes in back and to hide the mufflers and I think that would look sharp as hell. Not too much not too little. Just right.

    I sent pro turbo kits an email and told them to get a hold of a new mustang ASAP and to start working on a charger system for it, lol. I haven't gotten a reply yet. They have some kick ass Stangs on their site making some god awful power. When I go modded I'm definately getting a turbo kit from these guys. Check them out if you haven't yet.

    My buddy is going on vacation pretty soon and since he's going to be in San Antonio anyway he's going to stop buy and check them out for me. They seem to know their stuff and have like 30 years in the field of turbo charging. Good prices too.

    But I sure wouldn't mind if somebody would pass the word along to this site if they spot someone making the Concept tail light conversions for the 2005 gt.

    Seems like there are good people here.

    Thanks for the replys.

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