After Suspension Install (pics)

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  1. Big thanks to Mike at Big Daddy Performance for the great work!

    Install consisted of : Cobra Jet Springs - Koni Shocks & Struts - Steeda LCAs & UCA - BMR Panhard Bar & Relo Brackets

    Ride is firmer than stock but better than I expected and I couldn't be happier with the stance.
    P1020703_zps71a83f81.jpg P1020691_zps12ce3806.jpg P1020700_zps7c74678c.jpg P1020702_zps72969c73.jpg P1020695_zps29c448bd.jpg
  2. Lookin good!
  3. Thanks!
  4. I like it. When you say Cobra Jet springs, are you talking about the factory drag racer? I cant say they seem to have the same stance???
  5. Yes, they are the springs used on ford racing's 2013 cobra jet but since I have koni struts the front sits lower.
  6. what was the drop on front and rear?
  7. Probably 2" total in the front and around an inch in the rear.
  8. that's the stance I want. the back still looks higher than the front.
  9. Wow, that sits perfect