Aftermarket 2v Heads

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  1. Which company do you think will come out with 'em first? I think it will be Trick Flow or Air Flow Research. I have a design and sittin' back to see if anyone's design will be like it.
  2. I think it'll be Trick flow. :nice:
  3. I know some guys that are working on some heads. They said they want to see what the capabilities of the stock heads are then start working on some new ones. Can't tell you any more than this. They are engineers for a company that builds motors for race cars and are trying to start their own company
  4. lol aftermarket heads? I'll believe it when i see it.

    Doubt very seriously they'll be putting those out on the market. Maybe once the 3valve gets big they'll have replacement heads for both all mustangs 96-08/09 or whatever. Just not enough market yet for aftermarket companies put in the extra money to design aftermarket ohc heads.

  5. Believe what you want to. I am just saying what they told me!
  6. i don't think there will ever be an aftermarket head for the 2V. especially now that the 3V's are here.
  7. What if the 3v aren't compatable?

  8. Thats whats up in the air right now. If everything pretty much is compatible except having to swap heads for a 3-valve (physically not regarding ECU problems) then it would be feasible to make the same heads for both engines. They'll bolt on the same way assuming the timing chain and all will work.

  9. Well I have talked to AFR and TFS and they are going to r&d 2v heads in the near future.
  10. :nice:
  11. Pretty much defeats the purpose of a modular engine program. There have been no announce changes to the blocks, so its really a question of how much stuff is required to make the swap, as opposed to 'Is it possible?'

  12. I doubt anyone will come out with heads. Ford has the market taken up with PI, SVO, and 32v heads. The PI heads and 32v heads supply plenty airflow, and are relatively cheap(PI).

    You might see a cast intake from Edelbrock, Trick Flow, or someone else. I would like to see an intake with the throttle body in front like the new 3V. It would make better use of a CAI.
  13. i think there is a better market for an aftermarket intake in terms of cost and demand, but i would love to see a company like trickflow come out with aftermarket heads and an intake to mach there new Plenum.
  14. woohaaa
    i thought edelbrock already was....but aparently not
  15. Some TrickFlow modular 2V heads with oversize valves and VT Engine cams........:drool:
  16. It has little to do with ford taking up the market. Ford owns the market on all stock ford vehicles lol...there are basically no aftermarket heads for our vehicles and its because they are OHC. I think in the long run these companies will eventually see that aftermarket head investment will be worth it with ohc too...i dont know if it will start with fords engines or not.

  17. When I talked to TFS we spoke about the problem that will arise w/ a "good" aftermarket design is that the OHC design of the head will hamper better valve placement for better performance because the stock valve placement on the intake side is the main problem w/ the stock design. TFS informed me that they will try to start the first of the year on the design part of the program. AFR said with them moving next year to thier new location is what will hamper them on getting straight to work on thier program. Shall be very interesting for the next 2 years on some of the outcome.
  18. I think for real power it's easier to just get a blower and be done with it...for the price that companies are charging for aftermarket intakes (bullitt, SVO, now P51) and potential cost of new heads vs. power gains it just doens't seem like there'd be a high enough demand for the product. :shrug:
  19. Aren't There A Few Companys That Make Ohc Heads For All Of The Ricers. It Seems If They Can Do It For Hondas And Such Why Is It So Difficult To Do It For Mustangs, Especialy Since Every Ford Sohc 4.6 Has The Same Exact Heads Either Pi Or Non.
  20. Yes which brings up another point. The reason OHC makes a bigger difference for a ford mustang is because the market has just now moved to ohc engines. Imports strayed from ohv way before domestic manufacturers did.