Aftermarket 2v Heads

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  1. You said it in a nutshell. I don't see any offerings with the 3V heads due to show up on the new Mustangs.

  2. (sigh) As I've said before in other threads, It's not the heads that are the problem, it's the BORE! LS-1s, 5.0, and even LT-1s respond to head changes better than modulars because they have a 4" bore. The puny 3.5" bore of the modular engines shrouds the valves and limits their flow.

    Multi-valves address this, to a certain extent, but wall-to-wall valves will only help a little. I wouldn't hold out a whole buncha hope for the great boost in power that AR 165s etc. have had in the 5.0 world. Multi-valves, forced induction, and/or a screaming red-line are the only way around the "microphallic" proportions of the pistons of these lil' gems.

  3. post whoring in tech is a good way to get yourself banned. this is the 2nd one i've seen from you today.
  4. holy old thread batman!!!

    but, it is interesting going back and reading this again 6 years later now that the only aftermarket heads are trickflow. and they JUST came out now.
  5. Yeah, thats why I bumped my old thread when I seen the cylinder head had taken shape. I had a cylinder head and was lookin at it and thought hmmmmm, so I called 3 cylinder head companies to see what could be done and actually went to a luncheon with one of the companies about this style head. I really didnt care about anything except gettin the thing made no matter who was gonna do it. Now that its here Im happy.
  6. Wow, you did give them the idea over 5 years ago. Good show man, sorry I ever doubted you. :hail2:
  7. Bad thing about it is these heads would be "die'd in the wool" power parts by now if they had came out when they could have. Better late than never I guess! Now for another project....