aftermarket auto trans (aesthetic)

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  1. Hi everyone. I'm sure I'm not the only one who absolutely cannot stand the auto controls on this car. Does anyone know of an aftermarket alternative to the stock system? The current handle is clumsy and i hate the pushbutton select-shift. I'd love to be able to kick the stick over (left or right) into sport mode and then move forward and back to shift. Anything like this out there? The only example I have is what I have in my 2007 Avalon.
  2. Don't know of any answers, but you're onto something. I drove a rental last week, and gave up on the little button thingy. Kept forgetting the button and slamming the shifter forward into drive.

    You might email some of the big vendors and get them thinking. Paddles might be a big seller.
  3. Care to tag the aftermarket board reps for me? I can't tag people yet.
  4. Wonder if some type of "tuning" would, at the very least, improve the performance of the actual select-shift.

    I would be curious if Ford would not install paddle-shifters on the 2015+ Mustangs, which might explain why the 11-14's did not have them.
  5. What is this tag-thing of which you speak? :shrug:

    Not sure how to do it; I was just thinking that old-fashioned email thing...
  6. Bama was not able to tune the SelectShift. I was disappointed, because the 1-2 shift is really slow, and I thought originally the tune would address this problem.

    However, they can tune the strength of the shift. I had them set the 1-2 and 2-3 shifts to 100%. It allowed me to chirp my 20s in 3rd.
  7. I'm less concerned with the shifting of the select-shift as I am the motion. Really the only time I use the selectshift is if i need to drop out of 6th for some more RPMs to get out of a bind on the freeway. Yea, the response is slow but for my purposes it's fine. I just can't stand the damn shifter itself. It looks like something out of the 80s. It's horrid.
  8. Agreed. Why not include the paddle shifter option? My friend's older Challenger has them. My sister's older Kia Optima Turbo does too. Odd choice for Ford.

    I still want a manual.
  9. I can't find it.
  10. You change shifters, will you be willing to sell your stock one?
  11. Doubt it. I like to hold on to OE.
  12. I take it I'd be losing selectshift controls with that.