Aftermarket Coolant Catch Can

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  1. Those of you running electric fans on your foxes, what are you using for a catch can? Also, is there a way to fool the sensor so the low coolant light doesn't come on?

  2. My catch can split and I haven't run one in years :shrug:

  3. Did you just cap off the neck tube of the radiator?
  4. No. I ran the overflow tube from the catch can off the radiator neck down to the bottom of the radiator support. I know this is ghetto, but I haven't had any issues from it. Car runs at 190 where it should.
  5. That's exactly what I did. Been 20 years and no issues. I just left fluid below the first row of tubes.
  6. Can is just there to catch any vented Steam. If your radiator cap is on good working order and your cooling system is working as it should nothing is supposed to come out.
  7. i've got one similar to liljoe. mines mounted out of sight in the inner fender
  8. True, but most, if not all tracks require them. Id rather have one to catch the coolant incase something goes wrong. A lot safer than having coolant get under the tires. Just depends on the circumstances.
  9. I bought a Canton Overflow Tank that accepts the Stock Low Coolant Sensor.
  10. I used a Jazz plastic unit. Clean looking, just no sight window built in. My coolant light has never come on.

  11. high tech! I actually think a buddy of mine gave me this overflow years ago. I just recently installed it and was doing the same run the hose down to the lower core support for years without problems

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  12. Why is there a Full Hot and a Full Cold line then? Just curious. Thanks to the replies so far. I guess it's safe to remove it altogether while I come up with a solution.
  13. Do you have a link to that one? I'm guessing it was pretty spendy.

  14. Actually, when your car system is heated up and pressured it will push it out into the overflow up to the HOT line, when it cools off the pressure will reverse and the coolant will sink down to the Cool line. So if you have been driving around a while and pop your hood and your coolant is around your Cool line, that means your low on coolant and you need to add until you reach the Hot line. But if your car is ice cold and your catch can has it filled to the Hot line then you're overfilled and it will come out the open curve tip at the top when it gets hot :nice:

    My Black Magic fan came with a support bracket for the stock coolant catch can, I just ordered a new stock one cause the old one was cracked and splitting at the top.
  15. I'm using a moroso expansion tank mounted on the inside of the bumper. If you unplug the sensor the low coolant light will not come on.
  16. Mine is setup as a recirculating can, same as the factory
  17. Grover, that's the exact same one I bought on FleaBay for like $25
  18. I remember why I didnt have a coolant can... The valve cover vent can lived there ( too tall to move the the rear passenger side ) I had the can cut down so now I can mount it in the rear passenger corner of the bay. Few days and 65 bucks later I have this..

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    The shop did pretty nice work, cut out just over 6" and now it should fit just fine. I dont think I want to polish it, maybe scuff it all so it matches?