Aftermarket Coolant Catch Can

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  1. That's what I was getting at. If the fluid level changes throughout the heat cycle, how can it be a good idea to delete the overflow.

    I think I'll start with one of the $15 plastic ones from Summit and go from there.
  2. If you delete the overflow, you essentially make an overflow area in your radiator. If you top off the radiator with no catch can, once it heats up, it will push out the excess fluid onto the ground. When it cools back down, it will suck in air instead of coolant, and you will have a large section of air in your radiator. It still usually works fine.

  3. Here is how I mounted that catch can, I was able to keep it in the stock location so I wont have to extend the coolant sensor wires.


  4. hid mine in the drivers side fenderwell using the stock horn brackets