Aftermarket Head unit on Mach 460

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by MGSTANG, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. :bang: o well he helped me out :shrug: thanks for the info
  2. My bad, I misinterpreted this post. I read this and my mind got stuck on the '01.
  3. See, I don't mind rewiring. I just want to use all the 8 stock speakers with stock amps. Just a different head unit. I appreciate all the info. I'm glad someone actually knows about this. You sound pretty confident on this issue. Is there a Metra site so I can look for info, or do you think the best thing would be to just call that #? Thanks
  4. I'd call them directly for the best results. Also, I emailed the support at (where I bought my Metra harness) and they were very, very knowledgable about it.
  5. I just called Metra and the tech said they are working on one. But it won't be available anytime soon. Thanks everyone for the help. If anybody notices one in the future. If you remember, try to let me know. Thanks
  6. For '04 it's the metra 70-5521
  7. A couple of things to look for in a head unit if you want to keep the rest of the mach system stock.

    Look for 6 channel sound and a preamp voltage of 4. Most head unit have a preamp voltage of 2 or 2.5 which likely will produce low volume levels. Over 4 volts and you risk damaging the stock equipment.
  8. Go to and use their fit guide, then select harnesses- into car, look at the 70-5521. It looks like it should work.