Aftermarket hoot (hood) stangs come on in........

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  1. Lets see those aftermarkets hoods.... come on everybody with aftermarket hood post a picture here.........
  2. It's aftermarket to me..........04 Cobra hood, functional :nice:
  3. my aveator
  4. Fireman, your car is ****ing GORGEOUS. Damn!
  5. NHside.jpg

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  6. Firemanz, what's under the other vent? Any important things that could potentially get wet?
  7. im guessing firemanz car doesnt see rain...But hey i forgot to compliment you on the cobra hood looks real nice.:nice:
  8. Thanks man!
    Nothing under the other vent. Just empty space and a little bit of the radiator cover showing. I usually lay some rags over the vents when I wash it.
    Thanks. It does get rained on every so often when I get caught off guard or at work. We plan on buying a 3rd vehicle very soon so I won't have to drive it every other day like I do now.
  9. Warrior 102 and saleen gt2001 are those steeda cowls?
  10. Aftermarket h00ts ftw :nice:
  11. mine is from abcexclusive, a lot of people dont like them but mine didnt have any problems.
  12. Does anybody have this hood?


    I would like to see some pics from different angles.

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  13. mines in my sig, its a steeda hood ill try and get some better ones...

  14. need more pics of the orange............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. VIS Racing CF 00R hood