Aftermarket hoot (hood) stangs come on in........

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  1. mogs01gt you run your mouth alot. plain and simple you are a joke,KEEP YOUR LIGHT IN.
  2. hmm comparing a track car to a street car, nice comparison :rlaugh: so I take it from what you are saying its cool to make you car look like other fast cars? sounds like you hang out with too many hondas.

    Paint the hood.

    Mr. Internet tough guy. Thanks for your enlightening post. I run my moth a lot, so I guess in the whole few months you have been here you know all my posts?? Good one.:bang:

    man this place is turning into mustangworld.
  3. Because of people like you that jump all over someone for doing something you dont like. If you dont like it you could say it nicley and move on. No need to call people names.

    Back on Topic:

    I think the hood looks awesome.
  4. Thanks guys for all the comments i understand some people dont like it and thats fine but i hate it when people try to tell me what to do with my car
  5. What the heck are you talking about track car? Its King of STREET. Hello? Its a street car.

    Go ahead and tell me that car is rice.
  6. Exactly, that is why I started this trend so we can compare and see what we think looks the best,so we can make easier decision where we want to go with ours cars,so if you see something that you like give it a compliment or just pass,if you see something that you don't like you don't have to bad- mouthed just ignored, because somebody made decision to go with that and hi is happy with that......
    PLEASE correct me if I am wrong.
  7. WOW :eek: thats an awsome price for a CF hood! I think they go for a few hunder more usually right? And yea thanks, I would like to see some. (BTW mine was damaged when I bought it, so it was only $160. I already fixed the "damage" and fiberglassed in the stripped bolting mount lol. Should be going to paint in a week or two :nice: .)
  8. If he won king of the street, its not a track car! :owned:
    Bullitt03 I think the hood looks great on there!
  9. LMAO wow, mustangworld it is now. Just because it can drive on the street doesnt make it a street car.

    paint the hood.
  10. [​IMG]

    Here you go hotmustang
  11. :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang:
  12. VERY NICE! And funny thing is the plate we made on the latch looks almost exactly like that lol. We had no idea that how they came either haha.

    And the bottom looks just like mine did (before we made it functional :cool: ), just wanted to compare because the previous owners jack some stuff up on my hood....these guys had NO idea what they were doing, you wouldnt believe it. ALOT of body work on the underside...I mean it looks like they would knock a hole in the hood, then just put a blob of bondo over it! Its almost perfect now, but jeeze LOL. HAHA you should have seen the ghetto riged "latch" made from like rivited in tin, and was all sideways and didnt even come close to fitting my latch :nonono: .

    Again, NICE hood and THANKS for the pic :nice: . Some peeps have a thing with CF, but I guess its all about personal prefrence. If you like it, then I wouldnt worry about what anyone else thinks :flag: .
  13. Well, you ARE running a mustang with a COBRA-R bumper. If you want to play that silly little ricer game....

    How about you take off your bumper as it is not a real Cobra-R. Or if your going to leave it on, at least paint your car the correct color, and finish it, because it looks uneven, like you put a mask on a car.That there is considered rice by some. And stop hanging around with Chevy folks, theyre faster than you, no matter how fast your bumper looks.

    It just sounds like your jealous because his car looks FAR better than yours....

  14. Thanks and your welcome for the pic and as far as hood goes its what is underneath it that counts look at the bumper hope everything turns out for you and the hood

  15. I think it looks good. It is not something I'd ever do, but I think its great to do something different. Do what you want to do with your car. It doesn't matter what people say about it.
  16. GRRRRR


  17. I just got mine in yesterday and decided to put it on and let it cure that way.
    Dont worry it will be painted this summer along with the cobra front bumper and S281 wing.
  18. wow what an idiot. Lets bash someone's car.

    paint the hood.