Fox Aftermarket Intake W Stock Tb?

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  1. So I'm looking at aftermarket manifolds and I'm seeing that they have 70mm tb openings. Would the stock tb not bolt up? I'd buy another Tb only if I had to. I mean a larger one would only help so much and not enough for me to justify the cost to gain "better throttle response" as reported by those who've bought one.
  2. Yes it will bolt up.

    I wouldn't sweat running a stock TB if the rest of your combo has stock heads/cam and other parts. A larger MAF would be a more worthwhile investment, but a TB is one of those parts that works well as a package deal. (Intake, MAF, TB, heads, etc)
  3. It will bolt up as stated, but will be a choke point, and minimize the intake swap gain. For a budget build, grab a 65MM TB off an explorer, and a 70MM from a 94-95 mustang GT.
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  4. On my 95 gt I had the lower mani ported and removed precats and went from 205 hp to 223. Stock tb and maf. Oh also replaced stock "intake tube" that had silencer removed and k&n for a cai but I'm pretty sure that that didnt contribute to any or much. I'm far from expert but I'm thinking that the tb isn't that big of a choke. But maybe when I finally do heads I'll grab a 65 or 70 so I can have more to list in signature. Edit: oh I lied, also the mufflers were new on the 95 for the new dyno. The original 205 horse had old flowmasters that had holes rusted in em.
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  5. A 95 maf will work on the fox w out tune? What's the difference just the diameter of the "tube" or do the wires send different signals? I'd need some kind of adapter to make it work wouldn't I?
  6. You swap out the entire MAF sensor and housing. It is the same plug as your fox body. The diameter of the housing is 70 vs your stock 58MM. On the side that goes to the filter, you either need to remove the flange on the MAF housing or buy an adapter, as it is setup with four bolts rather than a slip on flange. If you look at my avatar pic then you will see mine. It has the adapter flange.
  7. An aftermarket intake with a stock TB is like watching standard definition TV on a brand new 60" 1080P LED TV. The nice parts don't do jack for you if you're not surrounding them with other nice parts.

    Easy rule of thumb for intake manifolds: put the biggest TB on it that the opening will fit. Air=Power.
  8. Ah I hear ya but I've never really read anyone gain any on dyno. Most of the reports are something like, "The dyno didn't show any gain but I can tell I picked up "throttle response""
  9. That is because it is a supporting modification. If there's nothing to support, then there's no improvement for the effort.

    Making motors do more is just a matter of removing the restrictions and moving the bottle neck from one component to another. If the throttle body is not the bottle neck then going to a larger one is not going to be of any help.
  10. Your motor is only going to move so much air. As others have said, if you still have the restrictive heads and intake, you could throw on a 90MM TB and you won't see much difference. The HP gains come from using matched components.

    Putting an aftermarket intake on with the stock heads, TB, and MAF is a waste of time and money. At a minimum, change out the TB and MAF. You may see 20-25 hp. If it were me, I'd wait until you are ready to swap heads so you do everything once. Ny the time you take off the intake, distributor, fuel rais, harnesses, TB, intake tube, etc. you only have to remove the A/C. PS, Alternator and brackets, valve covers, and then the heads come off. No sense replacing the intake and other gaskets twice.
  11. Hear ya. That's what I'm kinda planning but still not sold on throwin $200 or so at a new TB. I'm only planning a gt40 type build and the extra 1/2 horsepower isn't that concerning to me. On the other hand however, once you're in over $1500 what's another 200...?
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