aftermarket k member

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  1. whos got one? ive been looking at them @ summit, says they move the front tires up 1-2 inches is that really a problem? which ones you all running? pics?
  2. I have the MM unit, yes it does move your wheels up, yes it makes for clearance issues, yes you need to modify stuff on the car, and yes it is worth it
  3. What all needs to be modified? What's the benefits of one?
  4. PA Racing is the only what to go. You can have it custom built to the year of the car, the motor get mild steel or chrome moly. They do not move the wheels up. And you can use stock A-arms. That tubular A-arm stuff is junk, don't waste your money.

    PA Racing
  5. what is the benefit by going with one of these vs sticking with the stock unit?
  6. They are about 30-35lbs lighter than stock. They also make it 100 times easier to remove or install L/T headers. Especially on modular 4.6L or 5.4L engines.

    I however, do not like them. I don't care how strong marketing people say they are on these sites. The factory one is beefy and will save your butt in an accident. That aftermarket thing wouild get destroyed.
  7. that brings up another point, if i stick with the factory k-member will i have a big issue by trying to run long tubes with a 351?
  8. It can be done with a stock K-member but a tubular would make your life much easier.
  9. i've read on several posts where guys will take a hammer to their headers to make them fit. i'd REALLY have a hard time doing that to a brand new set of headers. is that what mean by..."it can be done" ??
  10. i have the qa1 version. dont flame me. i gussetted and re-enforced the brackets for the a-arms and main support tube along with the motor mount plates. it moved the tires forward 1". with stock a-arms. the only clearance issue i have is the inner tire will rub on the inner fender at full lock. but the car is also lowered 2" in the front. i have a 351w in the car. no clearance issues at all with headers or steering shaft. it looks better, its lighter, its easier to work around (ex: changing oil pan gasket/oil pump) and it changes the ackerman angles. better than stock
  11. This is the second UPR K-member I have used, one in the 93 and this one in the 84


  12. next question drag car or something that handles?
  13. makes a lot of stuff under the car a lot easier to do. i hate changing oil and pulling the starter from a car with a stock kmember. hell i changed a freeze plug with the tubular one.
  14. ive changed freeze plugs with both, but the tubular was WAY easier