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  1. Alright so I have what may seem like a stupid question. I have a 2000 Mustang gt with a 5 speed. Is there anyway to tell (without pulling the motor apart) what aftermarket parts I have on my motor? I know I have a CAI, aftermarket coil packs, and aftermarket exhaust (x pipes). My curiosity is peaked because there are stickers under the hood for things like Koni shocks and UPR products. Just a few questions I had...I don't really know what help you guys can offer on this I just wasn't sure if there were things I could look for driving wise that would indicate upgraded internal engine parts. Sorry if this is basic but this is really my first sports car ( I did have a 1990 rs Camaro with a 305 but that thing cant begin to touch the car that I have now).

    Also, I have read a lot about tunes. Is this something that I can get done with just the information I have now? And would I really benefit from a tune with the above listed (known) modifications?

    Thanks guys.
  2. Get underneath and snap some pictures of your suspension and the underside of the car. Post those and pics of the top of the engine. We can make a fun "find the mods game" out of the pics. This thread has potential for entertainment.

    Doubtful anyone can help you with what's inside the engine. Going to have to take the mutha apart to find what is inside.
  3. Yea...I figured I was out of range for anyone to use their x-ray goggles...I will take some pictures tomorrow and post them on here.

    Another question for you guys...I have read a lot about supercharging and here is the conclusion that Ive come up with. As long as im not leaking oil (which im not) and as long as there are no problems with the motor it is pretty much a green light for doing it. Is this true? I always thought to supercharge you needed to beef up the engine internals...Is that recommended? And if the internals of my motor are stock is that something I could do without completely blowing my motor apart?

    Thanks for the help guys.
  4. You can supercharge if you like on a stock motor. No leaks is good, check and make sure compression is good and consistent across all the cylinders. I put my supercharger on my stock engine with about 95xxx on the odometer.

    The general consensus says that 425 hp at the wheels and you're stock engine will be running on the ragged edge of destruction. If you have forged internals, depending on what you have in there, you may go much higher.

    If you want to play it safe, get a supercharger kit with an intercooler and run around 8 psi of boost. Without an intercooler, I wouldn't go over 6 psi. Always get a dyno tune from a reputable dyno shop and tell your tuner to play it safe with the tune. That's a highly condensed version of safe with a blower. There's tons of support mods that would be required to make all this happen safely.
  5. Alright these are the pictures I have come up with so far...I can't get under the car right now so there will still be more to come...I feel like everything is stock under the hood except for the cai and the coils but again this is my first mustang and I've only had it fit a short period of time.

    IMG_20140331_073424.jpg IMG_20140331_073510.jpg IMG_20140331_073424.jpg IMG_20140331_073510.jpg IMG_20140331_073424.jpg IMG_20140331_073510.jpg IMG_20140331_073444.jpg IMG_20140331_073539.jpg IMG_20140331_073551.jpg
  6. Sorry I don't know how those first few posted more than once
  7. Under the hood, it doesn't appear that there's much more done than what you already mentioned...the COPs and the cold-air setup.

    It does look like the intake manifold has been switched over to the later one with the aluminum crossover...that's good...
  8. Any ideas what kind of HP gains if any that intake manifold would give me? Also, the injectors are orange. I have read that for 2000 GT's Ford did a pink and a yellow which were 19# and 21#. Any ideas on an orange injector? They have ford on them and what looks like a serial number or model number but I cant make out what it is.
  9. I know the injectors appear orange but I believe that is Fords "yellow" injectors. No performance gains from the intake. It flows the same as the original but is less likely to leak at the front coolant crossover as opposed to the original with the copper crossover.
  10. Externally it looks to have the mods you previously listed. The motor could have had a cam swap which you obviously cannot see from just looking at the motor, but the idle will generally tell you right away because it will lope/chop a bit when compared to the smooth factory idle. You could certainly look into a BAMA handheld tuner from American Muscle, they add some HP/TQ and throttle response. They will also provide with you tunes for life should you decide to further modify the car. I too would get under the car and start snapping pictures of the suspension. I would keep my eyes peeled for subframe connectors, that would be a major plus right off the bat.
  11. I will try to get out there in a little bit and get some pictures of the under side of the car. The car idles right around 900 rpms but it seems to be pretty smooth. I am just so curious because the previous owner had a history of doing some major upgrades to other cars that he owned.
  12. OK so I just took a few pictures but they are not the best...My father in law has a lift but he is not home right now so that will have to wait for another day...these are the only 2 pictures I could get to upload

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  13. Here are the rest that I took earlier.

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  14. still has the good ole dogbone!
  15. Is that a good thing?lol
  16. Yeah, leave it on there. Its there for a reason and it doesn't hurt anything. From the looks of the pics on the under side, I see what appear to be welded in Flowmaster mufflers, an offroad x pipe, and the red springs may be Eibachs or some other brand. Not sure how many springs come in red.

    I can't see if the shocks are anything but stock.

    She's got a real loud roar, don't she.
  17. Is that a good thing?lol
  18. O yea...she sounds real good :)...there is a sticker under the hood for koni shocks so maybe that's the red springs?
  19. What color are the shocks/struts?

    From the pics you've got, looks like a cold air intake, offroad X pipe with Flowmasters, some sort of lower springs, and probably Koni shocks/struts based on that sticker.

    Based on the fact that it still has the stock throttle body and upper plenum, I'd say it's safe to assume the rest of the motor is untouched. It might have a tune on it, but not likely if the previous owner didn't include the programmer with it.
  20. Alright so with the internal of the motor stock what kind of RWHP do you guys think I have with the known upgrades?