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  1. What are some good aftermarket or out of a newer car seats? Post any ideas, pic, ect that you got. :nice:

  2. There's a bunch of nice one's out there, the problem for me has been material. There's very few of the type I want made in vinyl. I think cloth front seats with the original vinyl backseat would look kinda tacky, so I myself are still lookin.

    The ones I've found I like are all pretty similar (TRS or Legacy) (Milano or Torino) (Misano) SOOO nice, but VERY expensive

    There was a post on the 5.0 forum a few weeks ago about a seat called the "AXEII" by AXE that looked just like some of those listed above, was being sold on ebay for 200 bucks for a pair "buy it now"!!!! I dunno why they were selling so many of them so cheap, or if quality is poor, but you might want to look into them if you like that style of seat.

    anyways, that's just my taste, goodluck

  3. Are those a direct bolt in? How is ride quality? Do you have any clearance issues with the steering wheel. Do you have a 14 or 15" steeting wheel?
  4. I just received the same seats from summit scat Rally 2000 they also had the addapters so they bolt right in, haven't installed them yet but there are much more comfy than the old ones, Had to try um out
  5. Even though I don't have these in my car (I have the Scat SportRecliner), I have two friends who do have them. They are a direct bolt-in, very comfortable and accept wide, um... rear ends! They provide very good lateral support for those open track days, but do not have a slot for the anti-sub belt (an issue if you want 5 or 6 point harnesses). Both of my friends will lower the seat pans to provide more clearance (one already has the other will do it soon).

    IMO, if you don't need a race seat, these are one of the nicest: look good in a vintage car, are comfortable and functional.
  6. Check out the shipping charges for these seats. $150 for shipping only if I recall correctly. Still, overall, it is a good deal!

  7. I just put in Corbeau A4's in my 66 .. here's some pics.
    They went in very easily with some adapters that corbeau makes for almost every car and im very impressed with them so far. they seem real sturdy and built well, not like those $100 cheapos on ebay. they advertise certain sizes depending on your waist size, you can see the info at or . i got some that are real tight to my body because i wanted to be held in firmly not all loose, plus no fat chicks allowed. those are rci 4 pt harnesses and an autopower 4 point roll bar w/ cross brace.
  8. Heheh, have you actually felt/sat in those "cheapos" on ebay? :D
  9. Here is the link to the eBay store of the seats described above. Take the Buy Now price and add $115 for shipping and $30 for insurance.

    Do you all think these seats will work with '66 Red Pony Interior? Color of the interior is darker compared to the '65 Red.
  10. Hmm, my interior was red before I changed it to black, so I know the maroonish shade and I think those seats probably won't work. They look like they are more of a bright red.
  11. What would be some good seats to use out of a newer car? Some I got were a 98 and up Camaro or T/A, Miata, or Corvette. I would really like to put in some 01 Mustang Bullitt seats. They have all to confort of new seats, with the style of the 68 Mustang seats. Anyone know were I could get some? It would be almost impossiable to find them in a salvage yard or on ebay, so as of now I am outta ideas.

  12. Yes. They were in my car when I got it. I had to contort myself to get into them, and once I got into it, it was the most unconfortable thing. I replaced them with stock seats, which if you can imagen, were more confortable. I sold the racing seats on ebay for $120. :nice:


  13. I can't imagine doing that. My question was mostly geared to the difference between $600+ per set for Corbeaus or Recaros vs. the knock offs that I have. I would think that one would have to "contort" ones self into any racing seat, what with the super-high side bolsters and all. I went from stock seats to the ebay cheapos, and am in heaven compared to those flat, under engineered stockers. Whatever works though, I guess. :shrug:

    I had latemodel Camaro seats before the racing seats, and don't miss them a bit. They were pretty comfortable though, and the 98-02 Camaro seats look like they'd be right at home in a classic. 01 Bullitt seats would be $$$$$!

  14. Same here, they just look like they belong in a classic car. I would love to do the bullitt seats though, it's just I don't think the gain, as great as it would be, would justify the cost.

  15. Mine are 99 GT/Cobra seats. Very nice, though I wish they had a place for my racing harness to thread through. I may be dumping them in the future for something that is more harness friendly.
  16. Let's try this again.
  17. I have 01 Mustang seats (old pic)