Aftermarket seats

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  1. Sweet! :nice: Did you make a write up on how you did it? How do you like it? Where does the steering wheel sit and is the seat high enough to see out and over the hood? I called around and it looks like I could get some Bullitt seats made from some 02 GT seats for not too much. I'll let you all know what I find out.

  2. gp - that was a clean setup

    i have the procars by scat as well...they're okay i guess, not really sure if they're worth the price
  3. I didn't do a write up cuz the pics were destroyed when my bud dropped my digital camera. Basically, I had to make adapters/spacers that went between the 66 seat tracks and the 01 seats. The seat bottoms are not flat and are different on the drivers seat than on the passenger. They sit nice and flat without lowering the seat pan. They work for both my self (6'1") and my wife (5'). I can even put my helmet on my big melon and not hit the headliner :D
  4. Well, I finally got all the info I needed on the Bullitt seat conversion I wanted to do. Found a beat up set of 02GT seats for $175. I called up an upholstery shop and they said they would install the new covers on the seats for $150 for both. So it was looking pretty good, until I called Ford. Price for bottom and back for both seats was.....$1276...with tax of course :rolleyes: . Owell, there goes that idea.

  5. I have Bullitt seats in my 65.
    I love em, just have to swap the 65 tracks onto the bottoms of the new seats...the driver side is a little fun since the base isn't fllat, but nothing that can't be handled. I bought the seats for $800 without the power tracks since I didn't need them anyway :)


  6. :eek: That is just too drop dead gorgeous!!!! I really wish I had the money to do that. :(