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  1. Can people please post up pictures of there aftermarket seats? I tried searching but with no luck. I am Looking a the summit seats for my notch but I havent decided. Thanks in advance.

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  2. If you have the funds go for the Sparco Torino's. I have them in my 93 GT.
  3. I haven't got the pics hosted. But I used to have those exact seats. give me your email address and I'll send you the shots I have

  4. cerullos.jpg

    Cerullo XR

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  5. ive got the seats you posted in the 1st post...ill post pics when i get home later, but i love em....they are a GREAT value!:nice:
  6. here ya go...


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  7. Thanks appreciate all the pics.

    stprorolla are they comfortable how difficult were they to install?
  8. What is that mounted on the floor just under the center consoul on Glowstang's 2nd pic.
  9. What Is It?

    Way back in 1993, I had a car phone mount there. You know 12 yrs ago there was phones mounted on pedastal mounts and you had handsfree kits, etc. Well, up untill 2 years ago, I still had a pedastal mount there that had a phone holder for whatever cell phone that I had at the time. Then the phones got so small that it seemed kinda ridiculous to have a mount there. So to cover up the holes, I took a metal plate, drilled it, painted it opal grey to match the interior and put the no smoking sign in the center. The sign is magnetic, just haven't come up with anything different to put there instead. Eventually when I need new carpet, I won't have it there, but untill then its there just to camoflauge the holes.

    Please pardon me on any dirt you see in the pic. It is winter time you know.

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  10. I thought it was like a switch for the tranny or something like on the VW's where you can switch from econno to sport shift. LOL
  11. they are very comfortable, and took maybe 3-4 hrs to install...i could do it in an hour now that i've done it once and know all the little i snapped a stud, which took some time to drill out....i just used the stock powered brackets and drilled them out according to the bolt holes in the bottom of the new i said man, these are a great value seat, and look great!
  12. rolla, are those seats breathable? humid kansas summers and non breathing seats is a bad combo
  13. Corbeau A4's


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