Aftermarket Steering Wheels

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  1. Hi. Thought I would throw it out there. I recently purchased a 1989 Mustang GT and am very happy and excited about having another Mustang again. I was aiming at buying a 90-93 but found this 89.

    I like that it is a tilt wheel but I really don't like the look of the stock steering wheel. I know I can change the wheel (I'm looking at Momo Jet) but I want to keep the cruise control capability in case I want to go back to stock.

    Any ideas? Also, if you have pics, please post of aftermarket wheels. I am also considering the leather wrapped OE version available from Latemodel - though the cost is high.
  2. I wrapped my oe wheel myself. Cost me $20 and I love how it came out.

    If interested I can post pics later
  3. there is an aftermarket Grant kit that retains cruise but it looks a little wonky imo....
    Funny thing... I've had a 13" Grant in my 93 since 2000. parked the car in 07 to start rebuild, spent those years from 07 to 11 driving two chevy trucks, that I had put nice matte black steering wheel covers on and now that the fox is running, I went back to the OEM airbag wheel with a matte black cover as well.... go figure..
    I felt like I was in a faster version of mario kart driving around with that 13" Grant... :)
  4. Momo Monte Carlo with Saleen Cruise adapter..

  5. The cruise adapter is probably not going to be easy to come by.
    Supposidly there is a saleen club member that makes them for guys with real saleens, but i don't know if he makes them for just anybody.
  6. That's a clean solution. I'd like to do something like that.
  7. It's going to cost you.
    If you see them on ebay assume you are going to drop $200 at least.
  8. Here's my leather wrapped stocker.

    Why i keep a stock non-cruise wheel is beyond me. Would be an easy swap, but i prefer the OEM look better

  9. Nice steering wheel. 5L5, yeah I bought a skin but it was too big. Your looks real good though. Late model offers the same wheel leather wrapped but it's expensive.
  10. Dallas Custom Steering wheel recovered my stock wheel. I had them add a thicker padding like the 94 F150 that I own. Cost a bit though.


    Dallas Custom Steering Wheel

  11. Just an update. Long story short I saw this steering wheel and they were throwing in the adapter with purchase so I went for it. Regarding the cruise control, I found that I didn't have to cut any wires, it simply isn't functional unless I use the stock wheel or if I add the switches somewhere else. I just wanted to leave the option open to use if I sold it later down the road.

    Here's a pic:
    Here's my son inspecting the wheel. He said OK.
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  12. I want an all black wheel just like that. do you have the part #'s for the wheel & the adapter kit? I dont need a horn or cruise so not worried about that. thanks
  13. Grant Formula 1 #1064, the adapter kit was 3289.
  14. I had a Grant in my 89 for a little while. Later on I switched back to the stock wheel and the cruise still worked. I would like to ditch the wheel in my 91 since it is worn through on the top of the wheel. However I have to have my cruise for my drive to work.
  15. What about using a control box mounted to the dash somewhere, from say.... one of those Pep-Boys cruise control kits?

    Or fabbing something up through a sett of momentary switches?

  16. Dallas steering wheel does great work. I had them do a wheel for me for another vehicle a few years back and it looked like factory. i'm going to have them do my spare wheel for my fox at some point. great company to deal with also.

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  17. thanks for the part #s
  18. I don't care for the stock steering wheel either (1989), but 200+ for a Momo? Forget it. I'll look around for some of those Grants.